This, That and Thank You’s

Um, I’m coming up on 600 posts y’all! Any ideas on how I can mark the occasion? I like to do something when I hit the hundos.

Before I start today’s post I want to thank everyone who commented on the Falling-Out-of-Favor Phenomena post. Not only did it make me feel less freakish and slightly less bitchy, it also helped me to understand better why it might be happening and gave me the courage I needed to pull the plug when necessary. It also made clear that I need to learn how to create folders in my Google reader and start organizing blogs accordingly.

I also wanted to make a final comment regarding my 2011: The Year of Meh post. I realize that the post, and especially the title, makes it seem like I didn’t enjoy the past year or consider it to be a “good” one. That is not the case at all. I thought 2011 was a great year. I thoroughly enjoyed growing as a mother, partner and friend.  I don’t believe that something extraordinary has to happen for a year to be a “good” one, that post was meant to be a reflection on how strange it is that the eventful years are mostly behind me and I’ve entered a new phase of my life. I’m quite content to mark my remaining years by my children’s milestones, while reveling in the day to day joys that being a mother, partner and friend bring. This is the life I always dreamed of and it’s just as wonderful as I’d always hoped it would be, if maybe a little less momentous.

I also want to take this opportunity to direct you to a really remarkable piece of writing by my friend Jjiraffe who profiled my other friend Bodega Bliss in response to the New York Times insistence on only presented the ALI stories of the rich and whimsical 1%. This post profiles an RPL survivor who struggles to afford complete testing and is prohibited from pursing ART because of it’s exorbitant costs. It’s a heartbreaking story of resilience in the face of loss and I’m so proud to call both it’s writer and subject friend. If you read one post today (other than the rest of this one of course) read this.

Finally I want to thank my top five commenters of 2011. I finally checked my wordpress blog-in-review report and I have to say I was impressed. Not only can they convince a small-time operation like this that a few people gave a damn (it would have taken how many sold out shows at the Sydney Opera House for that many people to see my blog?!) but they also kept track of how many people commented and told me the top five! So here they are in a very specific order!

1. Elizabeth from Snips, Snails and Puppydog Tails. If you want to read an incredible blog about an amazing mom and her extraordinary special needs son, then please go check her out. I have to admit, I don’t comment nearly enough on this blog because I’m usually so overwhelmed by the infinite love and undying patience she exhibits and I fear I’ll say something silly or trite (and certainly useless). I’ve promised her I’ll do a MUCH better job or repaying the courtesy she’s showed me in kind.

2. Justine from A Half Baked Life. Justine can intertwine prose about food and life almost as well as I can microwave a can of soup. Seriously, she’s that good. She’s also kind, smart, supportive and understanding. Her blog is truly a treasure – for your heart, mind and rumbling tummy.

3. Sarah at To Call Me Mama. Not that Sarah needs any traffic from my site (WordPress informed her that she got over 110,000 page views last year) but she earned this spot (even with a new baby to take care of) and I’m certainly not surprised. Sarah was the one who pushed me to start a blog when we met on the FFboards over two years ago and she was pretty much the only one who commented here for almost a year. She is one of the most thoughtful bloggers (and commenters) I know and I’m so thrilled for all the happiness she found in 2011.

4/5. And rounding out my top five, TIED for the 4th spot are my two besties, Jjiraffe at Too Many Fish To Fry and Courtney at Bodega Bliss (I love that you both tied! How perfect!) I know I already spent a paragraph singing their praises but I will say it one more time – these are two fabulous women who also happen to be talented writers. I know I’m a bit biased by my best friend status, but even if I weren’t I’d still tell you that they will most certainly rock your socks off so go check them out!

(I mean, I love them so much I drink out of a mug with their faces on it.)

So a special thanks to my top five commenters! And a huge thanks to everyone who has ever commented on a post – I can’t tell you how much it means to know that my words are heard and understood. I cherish each and every one of your responses in ways I can’t adequately express.