Past Headers


September 09 – An orchid plant in my bedroom.


October 09 – The view from my parents’ back porch (sans the telephone polls, which my dad somehow photoshopped out of the picture).

November 09 – These are the mountains I drive past on my way to and from work every day. This fog fingers through the trees more days than not and on this particular day the sunset set fire to the clouds. I love my drive to work.

December ’09 – I took this picture from a plane window. I can’t believe you can actually see the curve of the earth.

January ’10 – This is one of my favorite spots, a reservoir by my parents’ house. I drive by it every day on the way to work and never get tired of it’s astonishing beauty. I’m trying to walk on the path by here every Friday while I’m pregnant too!

February ’10 – This is a shot of the coast near Bodega Bay where we stayed for our one year, domestic partnership anniversary this January. It was just gorgeous up there.

March ’10 – Through the trees on a hike near Bodega Bay.

April 2010 – The clouds from a plane window.

May 2010 – The sunset on a beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

June 2010 – My belly at 35 weeks.

July 2010 – Isa’s toes all in a row.

August 2010 – Flowers from a restaurant patio. If they look upside down it’s because they are. I couldn’t get wordpress to rotate them!

September 2010 – I’m on a boat!

October ’10 – My beautiful baby girl.

November 2010 – My little girl, discovering herself.

December 2010 – Pretty profile in beautiful, bountiful Sonoma, California.

January 2011 – Bright eyes.

February ’11 – On the swings.

March ’11 – Something pretty I saw.

April ’11 – After bath time.

May ’11 – A plant in Isa’s great grandfather’s yard in Tucson.

June ’11 – A picture taken for a bracelet we made for Isa’s aunt when she moved to Guatemala. We miss you Tía Molly!

July ’11 – At the Children’s Discovery Museum in Sausalito.

August ’11 – The waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur, California.

September ’11 – The flowers on my mother’s deck.

October ’11 – The last shot taken with my nice camera.

November ’11 – Bright eyes.

December ’11 – Side swiped.

January ’12 – Something awesome I saw on the way to work.

February ’12 – On a hike in Petaluma.

March ’12 – The Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day.

April ’12 – Spring blossoms.

May ’12 – Libelulas en la noche.

June ’12 – California poppies in bloom.

July ’12 – Succulents.

August ’12 – Wishful

September ’12 – Fresh eggs from the farmer’s market.

October ’12 – Succulents.

cropped-p7056150.jpgNovember ’12 – Pretty purples flowers

cropped-img_7332.jpgDecember ’12 – A Christmas star.

cropped-p4064379o.jpgJanuary ’13 – A smattering of blue.

cropped-p5265788.jpgFebruary ’13 – Shelter by the sea.


















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