January FAIL! (plus February’s Intention)

Oh. My. Gods. (Yes, I’m that big of a Battlestar Gallactica dork). I have a HUGE apology to issue to so, so many people. I was just messing around in my WordPress Dashboard and saw that I had 82 pending comments. I figured most of them were pingbacks from my own posts and would easily be deleted. What I found instead was dozens upon dozens of real comments that were never published nestled into the pinback debris. I am just mortified that these haven’t been up with the posts they inspired. Please know that I did read each and every one as they came in (they are emailed to me immediately) and I hope you can forgive me for them just gracing the pages of my blog. I promise that will not happen again.

So, it’s January 31st. Time for me to look back on how well I accomplished my goal of eating breakfast every day and getting to bed by 10:30pm.

I would do a whole drum roll thing right here but honestly, I don’t deserve it. The truth is I didn’t not do very well with this goal at all. While I did manage to get at least a bowl of instant oatmeal in my stomach by the end of first break most days, I failed miserably at getting to sleep by 10:30. Instead I became overwhelmed with work and house keeping and rarely was asleep by 11:30pm, let alone an hour before. What I did learn was that I really need that hour of sleep and am pretty miserable when I miss it. So I will continue making that a priority and hope that I’m in bed by 10:30pm as the year trudges on.

Before I go on to review February’s micro-challenge I want to address some of the comments on yesterday’s To teach or not to teach post. I was really touched by all your input, especially the advice you gave on what I might do instead of teach in a traditional school setting. I will definitely be looking into online teaching of some kind to see if it might provide me with the necessary financial support while offering more flexibility.

I realized writing that post that I didn’t touch on some of the other things I’m doing in at attempt to give myself other options down the road. For one, I’m copy editing on a mother’s group magazine that is published every month here in San Francisco. I’m finding this to be very rewarding, as I learn a ton not only about copy editing but also about what it takes to produce a 30 page monthly publication. I’m also dipping my toes in the waters of writing, as I’ve already volunteered to do a few pieces over the past months and am slated to do a couple more before summer. In this way I’m gaining experience writing pieces with assigned topics, length restrictions and due dates. It can be stressful but I hope after a year it will be more clear if writing is something I want to pursue more aggressively.

My other pipe dream project is my children’s book which I’ve been trying to illustrate (or trying to try to illustrate) for over a year. I have to admit there is a teensy part of me that dreams of the day when that book brings in enough money for me to to do other types of writing to make ends meet. I know the chances of that are extraordinarily slim, even if I do finish it and it is good, but it makes me smile when I think of it and what’s the harm in the shadow of a smile gracing my face after a long day?

Of course, for that dream to ever have a chance of becoming a reality I have to write and illustrate my book. That is where February’s micro-challenge comes in. In February I have vowed to work on my book for at least 15 minutes a day. Whether I’m in Illustrator creating a page or sketching ideas in my notebook I want to work for at least a quarter hour a day, though no time restrictions will be placed. I have to admit, I’m taking this goal much more seriously than the former; I met with my good friend (and fellow blog writer) this past weekend and she showed me the ropes in that oh so complicated program known as my arch nemesis Illustrator. She also instilled in me the confidence to at least make a go of this. It is my hope that on Feburary 29th I will be posting at least one actual page from my book. If I do that I will be incredibly proud.

In fact, in an attempt to really dive into this project I’m contemplating taking a week off from blogging, lest I get distracted by the urge to write. If that happens I’ll be reposting some oldies but goodies, pieces I love that didn’t get a lot of attention when they first went live. Stay tuned!

What are you plans for this, the second month of 2012?