Confessional Fridays: I wasn’t there & I figured it out

Confession: I was not at the bottom of the slide the first time she did this. I’m lucky she didn’t fall smack on her little face.

Confession II: I finally made a no-buying-anything-new-for-a-year inspired emotional discovery! Now we see if the first lines of the post will hook you enough for you to click over…

I think I know why I want this camera so badly. I think I know why I want it so much that I’m willing to sell something else I truly cherish in order to get it. Continue here.

Slow Days, Not Much to Say

Oh the weekends. A tough set of day for the blog-o-sphere-inclined like myself. Not many posts up. Nothing popping up in my reader. I specifically pruned my blogroll so I’d have more time and now that I do, I can’t fathom how to spend it. Surely there is more to me than my blog and the blogs I follow.

I’m still feeling overwhelmed by shitty-thing-number-three from yesterday. The one I can’t blog about. Or talk about. Because I have no way of getting it out of me it festers, and I can’t see past it to write, or say, anything else.

So in the absence of something else I’ll show you a video of my darling daughter and my mischievous mews. They are a pretty cute pair. It’s a little long so feel free to stop it whenever you want (like I would ever know if you didn’t! Ha!). There is some cute close-ups at the end though.

PS – My daughter taught herself peek-a-boo this morning and I have to admit, it warmed my heart in ways I didn’t think it could be warmed right now. She truly is a miracle.

And now, on to the point of this post: