An Isolating Endeavor

Do you find parenthood isolating? I thought everyone did, but then I was told that some don’t. And then I wrote this.

Two years ago today I was still not sure if I was in true and active labor. When I got up from a living room showing of The Hangover, things started moving into high gear. I can’t believe two years ago my daughter entered my life. I hope I’ll be writing more about it at some point soon.

Incentive Suggestions

Hello dear readers,

If you are someone who provides yourself with incentives to do something–like, if I work out three times a week for a month I can get a massage–and have suggestions for how I can provide incentives for myself without spending a lot of money, I’d really appreciate you visiting Second Hand Happiness (or just leaving a suggestion here).


Christmas is Spendy!

I know most of you don’t read my other blog. Heck, even those who do can’t because I never post there anymore! But I did post there today and I think it might be worth reading. So if you want to click over and see how I did on saving money this Christmas, please feel free!

I hope you’re all detoxing from the good and bad of this year’s Christmas celebrations. I can’t believe it’s less than a week until New Years!