The Great Unveiling: Take Two

So, here it is. My new space. It looks the same as before; the only differences are: (1) the url has changed and you can now use it to subscribe (2) you can now leave comments (3) there are now two posts.

That’s all I’m going to say (here) about that.

{Oh, but I did want to tell you–I don’t plan on explaining it there–that my new name is an amalgam of the names of my would-be third child, plus my own name wedged in the middle. It felt really good claiming those names, making them a part of me, now that I know they’ll never be a part of our family. Take note of the new nom de plum because starting tomorrow I’ll be commenting under that name.}

And since I have learned nothing in the past five years if not when and how to laugh at myself, I leave you–and this space–with this hilarious link, because damn if that isn’t me to a tee.

Good bye Stumbling Gracefully. I wish I could take you with me…

8 responses

    • I think what is happening is that the people who loaded that url yesterday are not seeing it when they try again and it won’t until their browser’s cache is automatically cleared. You can either clear your browser’s cache manually (in Tools or History) or try holding down “Shift” when you reload the page and it should work. You can also load it on another browser. Let me know if you try those and it still doesn’t work.

  1. Just coming back from out of town and am catching up- about to head over to your new space but am feeling sad and nostalgic to be commenting on this one for the last time. I will certainly miss this blog and Esperanza, but am so excited to continue following your journey.

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