I am a douchecanoe

I know I said I was taking a break, and I am. But I felt like an asshat for the abrupt and obnoxiously vague tone of that post. I try not to be a douchecanoe, so I wanted to rectify that.

The truth is, I’m going through some personal shit. But it will all work itself out in the end. August is a really stressful month for me. I have a little break down every year around this time and I usually step away from my blog while I do it. I always come back feeling better. That is what is going on here. All will be well soon.

{I probably wouldn’t have noticed that I always have a break down around this time if it weren’t for the blog breaks, so I appreciate, yet again, the awareness this space provides.}

Anyway, I really am okay. Just sorting through some stuff. Letting some stuff sort itself out. Taking some time away from writing to let things run their course without sharing and immortalizing them. It’s for everyone’s best. I promise.

But I wanted to pop on here and clarify a bit, because it was an asshole thing to do, putting that up. I’m not proud of that.

And I wanted to thank you all for your kind, warm, supportive, wonderful words. I really am so grateful to have you all in my life. Truly. You lifted me up today, and I appreciate it more than I can say.

{I bet you $20 bucks I’ll be back in a week. I can never stay away long. I miss you all too much. πŸ˜‰ }

8 responses

  1. You are totally and absolutely absolved of that last post, based on two things:
    1) You don’t need to be anyways. It was abrupt, but informative and let us know what was going on!
    2) You used the word “douchecanoe” in a post title. You win at the Internet.

    Hope things sort themselves out soon E πŸ™‚

  2. Douchecanoe. I like that word. Might be my new favorite word for the month. But you are no douchecanoe. I am glad that you wrote something. Hey, no need to explain to us what’s going on…at least not at this very moment. You take all the time you need…a week!..but I do hope you get some sort of clarity. Take care!

  3. Don’t worry you are not a douchecanoe. Maybe a douchenizzle though? Just kidding. Take the time that you need- we don’t get paid to write on our blogs! But I do hope that you will be back soon!

  4. Breathe deeply and step away from the screen, and take what time you need. I’ll look forward to seeing you back feeling, I hope, a bit better for the break.

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