The Last Few Days

My bed is afloat on a sea of snotty tissues and so bullet points will have to do.

— THURSDAY was my birthday and it was surprisingly good. Osita ended up staying home with a sore throat but my in-laws were kind enough to take her for a few hours so I didn’t have to cancel a lunch with a friend. When I got back two of my good friends FaceTimed me while Monito was sleeping. Then Mi.Vida took me to a really amazing sushi restaurant that he made reservations for almost a month in advance. The dinner was incredible–and someone bought us a bottle of their most expensive saki, for no reason at all really, they just thought we seemed cool! It was an awesome night. The only downside was I had a sore throat that I could tell would become something much more menacing the next day, and I found out that after I’d dodged it all week, I was finally being called into jury duty the next day, Friday, at 12:45pm. WHO PICKS A JURY AT 12:45 ON A FRIDAY!?

– FRIDAY started off surprisingly well. Osita had to stay home because she had a bullshit fever for like five minutes the day before and I’m nothing if not a rule follower. We watched some TV while Monito slept and then my in-laws came to pick them both up so I could head to jury duty (do you recognize a theme here–mainly that without my in-laws I’d be fucked?!) I got downtown quickly enough to eat a quick lunch with Mi.Vida and then rushed in the courthouse only to be told that I didn’t read the website carefully enough and we’d been transferred from the Civil Court to the Criminal Court, which is a good 10 minute cab ride away. There were three of us standing there dumbly as this was explain so I convinced the other two to share a cab with me because there was no way I’d let the nice man reschedule me. We were lucky enough to get a cab quick and literally arrived JUST IN TIME to be counted for that day’s service. After thirty minutes it was mysteriously announced that “they couldn’t continue” that day and we were all excused. BEST NEWS EVER.

I thought Friday was making up for the shitty parts of Thursday but then my cold hit like a piano falling from a great height and I suddenly couldn’t move. By the time I’d picked up Monito from my ILs house (Osita stayed a bit longer) and got us both home I was a wreck. My throat was on fire and my head and ears ached. I was feeling super awful when I realized that my license officially expired on my birthday and I never got a new one in the mail, despite sending the renewal paperwork in over a month ago. I gchatted with Mi.Vida about that while I checked my checking account to see if the check I wrote was processed (it wasn’t) and then I started to think about what I should do because with an expired drivers license I couldn’t legally drive my car. As I was trying to see if I could get an appointment sometime soon at the DMV (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Mi.Vida called and after much shuffling of metaphorical feet announced that the DMV never got my renewal paperwork because it was STILL SITTING ON HIS DESK AT WORK. I’d asked him to mail it a month ago (and even double checked that he had) and yet it was sitting on his desk the whole time. Needless to say he felt terrible and spent the rest of the night groveling for my forgiveness (which I gave him rather quickly, I’m proud to admit–mostly I just felt too shitty physically to feel shitty mentally too).

– SATURDAY I was sick as a dog and didn’t do much of anything except blow my nose every 2.5 seconds and cough until my chest hurt. (Actually, I did haul the kids to Costco with me because I’m a masochist (and needed more Kleenex–only a set of TEN LARGE BOXES would suffice). We actually did okay, despite sharing the idea to go to Costco with every other San Franciscan within a seven mile radius (which is the entire city, actually, because it’s that small). So far I’ve made it through two of those boxes of Kleenex so it’s a good thing I stocked up at Costco.)

Saturday night we watched What About Bob? which totally holds up. So good. So dark. So hilarious. Both Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus are geniuses.

— SUNDAY I got up with Monito (because I NEVER ask Mi.Vida to get up with him, not even when I’m super sick and feeling like shit). We played in his room for a bit and then I took him for a walk to Walgreens to get some Sudafed because I realized that I hadn’t used over the counter meds for the past SIX YEARS because all that time I was either pregnant or nursing or trying to get pregnant, but now I can take WHATEVER I WANT (hence the two Diet Cokes a day habit I’ve embraced) so we walked in the misty fog to Walgreens and got some Sudafed and antibacterial soap (this if the first illness I’ve had since I stopped pumping and I REALLY don’t want to pass it to Monito) and headed home. Evidently Osita slept past NINE this morning and I was so jealous that Mi.Vida got to stay in bed that late while I, THE SICK ONE, was trudging through the wet morning fog to get medicine to alleviate my OWN SYMPTOMS that I actually kind of hung up on him. I know it’s my own fault for not asking him to get up (and I just made myself feel better telling him that getting up today was an early birthday present (his birthday is tomorrow). I need to figure out how to manage these things better. We just (literally right now, before I typed this sentence) agreed to take turns getting up early on the weekends. I hope we can actually do that.

So that was the last few days. Oh, and I forgot that I’m writing a lot in my new space, partly because BlogHer is this coming weekend and partly because I just want to write there. I feel like my tribe here is dwindling and it will behoove me to branch out more, because so many of the women I follow in the ALI community are writing less and less, or not writing at all, and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to just stop, so I need to start finding a space that is less about how infertility and loss touched my life, and more about all the rest of it.

I’m sure I’ll keep writing here for a long time (and I hope you all do too!)–heck I may never stop–but I don’t want to be left behind while everyone else gets on with their lives, so I’m trying to be proactive. I hope what I write there is compelling enough for you to read it, but I understand if it’s not.

What was your weekend like? Anything to share?

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  1. Our weekend centered around a sleep-striking 1-year old. We have no idea what his deal is, but he was up 3 times Friday night, 5 times Saturday, and 3 times last night. We’re both ready to die from lack of sleep. It was so bad, I got B up to help on Saturday night and last night. Gah.

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