I didn’t know!

For the last week I thought I was blogging in a vacuum. I haven’t gotten any email notifications of comments so I thought no one was commenting. Every day I checked my email, waiting for a response to my words but there was nothing. I got a few, “So-n-so liked this-or-that post” notifications so I knew people were reading, but there wasn’t a single comment and I thought, “Huh. That’s weird. Maybe this is the summer doldrums or something, but still, it’s kind of crazy to not to get a single comment on five posts.” And I kept writing but I could feel that not getting comments was affecting the way I wrote, and what I wrote about. It made me think about why I blog and how I need to write but it’s just as important to me that people write back and how I didn’t know if I would keep writing if no one ever wrote back again, ever.

And then I went on my mobile site for something and saw that there were comments! So many comments! I have no idea why I am not getting email notifications but I can’t tell you how good it felt to read your words and to hear your insights on the things I’ve been thinking and feeling this week and it made me realize again how powerful this is, writing and responding to each other’s words. So thank you for commenting. I can’t tell you how much it means. I’m almost glad I didn’t think anyone was commenting for a week because it helped me remember how important comments are and how much they mean to me. So thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, for making me feel less alone. Your words are cherished, each and every one.

2 responses

  1. How frustrating to think nobody was commenting! I am glad they actually were, though.

    I’m realizing, too, how much comments mean to me, now that I’ve set my blog to pwp (at least for the time being). Suddenly I have so much I want to say, but the idea of saying it with nobody to listen is so discouraging. It’s really been stressing me out, and I don’t know what to do.

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