Sick Birthday Girl

It’s Osita’s 4th birthday today.

I got balloons and two dozen cupcakes to celebrate at school.

I got Little Mermaid decorations and party favors for her little movie party Friday night.

I cleaned the house for our family celebration today, on her actual birthday.

I spent weeks planning and preparing. I stressed out all week long, as I graded papers like crazy for the final week of school. I had everything ready. It was going to be awesome.

And then Osita woke up sick yesterday. She couldn’t go to school. We had to cancel her movie party. We even had to postpone today’s small family celebration.

Poor Osita. She was so upset to miss her school celebration and movie night. My heart broke for her.

Mi.Vida stayed home with her yesterday morning and I was home by noon, with the 24 cupcakes and helium balloons (it was too late to cancel either order–I tried). We watched movies most of yesterday and I suppose we’ll watch movies most of today.

Osita’s fever is down today and we hope she’ll be able to celebrate with her grandparents tomorrow. I’ve been trying to reschedule the movie night but there is no day in June when all five girls can make it. I guess we’ll have to pick a day and someone will miss out.

I know it’s not a big deal–she’ll probably not remember this birthday in even five years time–but right now it sucks, for her and for us. I just wish this first birthday that she really had been waiting had been better.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

3 responses

  1. I’m sorry! That’s disappointing for all of you. I hope the movie night comes together and that she has a blast. Maybe just tell her that now her birthday celebration can last even longer 🙂

  2. Oh poor thing, what a disappointment, for all of you. Make it “birthday week” and celebrate! Can you take the school stuff in today (Monday?)

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