Sleep Deprivation x2

I should have know that having two kids would mean I’d get less sleep. I suppose I did know, deep down, I just didn’t think about it much.

The thing is, neither of my kids are “bad” sleepers, but when there are two kids, the chances of one waking up doesn’t seem to double, but multiply exponentially. Especially when one wakes up the other.

I’m just so tired these days. Osita usually sleeps through the night but sometimes she has a “bad dream” and sometimes she wakes up so scared that she needs me to sleep with her for a while. Monito is generally a good sleeper, but he’s been teething now (both bottom teeth have finally pushed through) and some nights he wakes up and then puts him back to sleep rather quickly, but it still rouses me from sleep. Even if each one only wakes up half the time, that means I’m woken up every night.

And then there is my husband’s snoring, which is another post in itself. Let’s just say it’s loud and it makes falling back to sleep after dealing with the kids really difficult.

I haven’t gotten a solid night’s sleep in a LONG time.

My kingdom for one seven hour night of sleep. Seriously, I think it would make a huge difference.

Of course it’s not going to happen. Not while Monito is teething (and shitting his diaper every night, WTF?!) and not while my poor girl is having anxious, upsetting dreams.

Ugh. I just want to sleep. Why is it so hard?!

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

8 responses

  1. Please tell me that you are at least getting to sleep a few minutes later now that you are not pumping anymore?? I dream of not getting up quite as early once I stop breastfeeding….

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t getting to sleep through the night. Hopefully the wake-ups end soon!

    • Mostly I get to go to bed earlier. And I do get to sleep in later on some days, but my son has been waking up around 5:45 lately, and by the time I’m done feeding and changing him, it doesn’t make sense to go back to bed. Of course, it would be a disaster if I were in the middle of pumping and he woke up then, so it’s definitely good that I’m not pumping in the morning.

  2. oh gosh, I do hope you get more sleep soon. Even a nap on the weekends! I hate to say this, but our 2 yr old, who at the time was about 18 months, went through horrible teething. Waking up all hours of the night to not sleeping…per her drs advice, he mentioned giving her diluted Advil. So, we did. It worked. I felt better knowing I wasn’t “drugging” her but it surely let both of us need our much needed sleep & calmed her teething for a bit. Get some rest!

  3. Is there any way. ANY way, that Mi Vida could take even one night a week for night time wake-ups? I mean, ideally you would alternate, but once a week? I know you mentioned that you deal better with sleep deprivation than he does, but once a week, maybe on Friday night or Saturday night so he doesn’t have work the next day? Once a week, when otherwise well-rested, should be handled just fine by anyone.

  4. I font know when I last got a good night’s sleep. My kids sleep okay, but my problem is it takes longer to get 2 ready for bed, so I go to bed later, and then it takes longer to get 2 ready in the morning, so I have to get up earlier. I might sleep 6 uninterrupted hours, but that’s not enough, and lately it’s been starting to wear on me.

  5. I feel your pain! I think my definition of “a good night’s sleep” has changed in the last three years. I have pretty low expectations these days, so when the baby slept for almost 7 hours straight the other night, it blew my mind! Hope it gets better for you soon. There isn’t much that’s worse than sleep deprivation.

  6. I never slept well, even without babies. But I have PTSD from the weeks when S woke q 45 min. So anything that is not that is a win. Though that’s a pretty low bar to set. SLEEP. It’s so hard not to have it.

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