My Body: Seven Months Postpartum

I’ve been tracking my calories (My Fitness Pal) and my steps (FitBit) for three weeks now. I will admit that in the past week I kind of slacked off on the MFP calorie tracking and I hope to start up again with that this coming week. All in all I’m pretty proud of the progress I’ve made in the first three weeks of Operation: Getting My Body Back.

When I started three weeks ago I weighed 170.2 lbs and my waist was 40 inches. I’m pretty sure a few pounds, and maybe an inch, of that was about-to-have-my-first-postpartum-period bloat. In the first week I lost 4lbs (again, I think at least half of that was bloat), in the second week I lost almost Ā 3lbs and in the third week I lost 1lb. Right now I’m at 162.4 and my waist is 38. I still can’t (even begin to) button my size 10 pants, but I’m delighted to be wearing a 36DD bra again.

My Fitness Pal is currently set to 1200 calories (a 2lb a week loss), but it syncs with my FitBit and I usually “earn” an extra 400 calories so I’m eating about 1600 calories a day on the weekdays. On the weekends I give myself some more leeway, but I stay under 2,000 calories. I’m keeping my steps over 10,000 most day (I walk to pick up Osita from school every afternoon) and I’m using the elliptical at least once a week (I’m trying to get that up to 2-3 times a week but with it in Monito’s room it’s really hard–trying to get him to nap in a pack n play in his sister’s room has been a total disaster).

I’m hoping to be down to 155 (a 7lb loss) in five weeks when I go to St. Louis (where it will be hot as hell and I’ll need to wear skimpy summer clothes and a swim suit) and after that I’ll be setting my weight loss goals for a more manageable 1lb a week. I know 0.5lbs a week is the best, but with so much weight to lose, it would take me over a year at that rate and I need to see results more quickly than that. Once I get down to 150 I think I’ll be pretty comfortable–I’ll have five pairs of size ten pants to wear and a couple more shirts that will fit. At that point I can ease up even more until I get to 145 (where I was at the beginning of this pregnancy and my first goal) and then hopefully 140 (where I was at the beginning of my first pregnancy and my ultimate goal).

{There is still a part of me that is terrified I’ll get to 145 or 140 and my size 8 pants still won’t fit. My stomach is a different creature than it was before this past pregnancy. It may never fit into my old clothes again. In fact, I just bought an organizing unit for our strangely shaped, super deep but narrow hall closet, where I’m currently storing, in haphazard piles of IKEA bags, most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. They’ve all been there for over a year, waiting for me to fit into them again, but I know it’s not going to happen for a long time, so my new plan is to pack them into one of the big storage containers that is now empty in the garage (yay for getting rid of baby stuff when we don’t need it anymore!) so I can put in the organizing unit and redistribute a bunch of stuff around the house. There is something very demoralizing about packing the clothes I expected to be wearing comfortably again by now in to the deep recess of our garage. It’s a sign of defeat, and it’s totally depressing me.}

Honestly, I don’t usually care how much I weigh, I just want to be able to wear my pants again, but I carry the bulk of my excess weight in my stomach (I am a classic “apple”), so I need to lose quite a bit to get my stomach fat to start disappearing. It’s always the very last thing to go, no matter how much core work I do. I definitely need to start working out more. If anyone can recommend an exercise DVD, especially one that helps incinerate stomach fat, I’d appreciate the recommendation. In three weeks I’ll be on summer break and have two naps a day to get in quick workouts (not on the elliptical sadly, lesigh).

Ugh, all this stuff really sucks. I haven’t had to diet like this in a decade and I’m still kind of incredulous that my body is responding so differently to the weight that it did after Osita. I know I need to get over and accept my new mid-thirties normal but I’m still feeling pretty sulky about it. Boo.

Were you able to wear your old clothes again after a second pregnancy? How long did it take?

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  1. Do you like the FitBit? I’ve been considering getting it. Which one do you have? I’m looking at the Flex but I’ve read that it doesn’t always pick up your steps if you’re pushing a stroller (which I’m always doing). Would love your thoughts on whether it’s worth getting.

  2. T25’s workout is incredible and just 25 minutes a day! HUGE results come if you stick to it! Also, Insanity is awesome too! You are off to a great start, keep up the good work! I too have lots of weight to lose, but summer is a huge motivator for me!

    • I don’t think I can afford T25. I should have mentioned that I don’t have much money to spend on any of this, so something like T25 is not really accessible to me right now.

  3. It’s been over a year since my DD was born and I’m still not able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants and shorts without cutting off all blood flow to my lower body! They are just still way too tight. The depressing part is that I just walked/jogged a half marathon and did all the training for months prior and I lost one lousy pound. How is that fair?

    Congrats to you on sticking to a plan and already losing some weight. You sound like you’re on the right track! I think my issue is exercising without cutting calories, so that’s my next step. I want to fit in those clothes so badly- I understand your quest!

    • I once TRAINED FOR AND RAN A MARATHON and didn’t lose any weight. Just goes to show that if you don’t eat less than you burn, you won’t lose weight, even if you’re burning A LOT of calories. šŸ˜‰ That was a very depressing realization indeed.

  4. I lost 20 lbs after my last miscarriage and my clothes were starting to be too loose then and so now my pre-pregnancy clothes fit but I’m not down to that just before pregnancy size yet. I’m also not in a great hurry since I decided not to be fussed about weight until I was done nursing. My goal is to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes before Little Monster turns 2 so I’m getting to work upping my step counts and cutting calories appropriately.

    • I also didn’t try to do anything about my weight until after I was done breastfeeding. Last time breastfeeding seemed to help me lose the weight, this time it seemed to keep it on (I don’t know if this was a hormonal thing or just an increased appetite thing). I totally understand your wanting to wait until you are done breastfeeding.

  5. I honestly love the good old 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. It’s a totally doable 25 minutes, and you get abs, cardio and strength all in one. I have quite a few favorite online workouts that are free, if that’s an option for you I’d love to share.

  6. I had 10 pounds to lose and it eventually came off. I think it took 9 months. šŸ™‚ Honestly, my attitude is much more about feeling healthy than counting and measuring. I do better when I think of health, rather than weight. It seems that I lose weight when I stop thinking about it. (I may be unusual in this way; I say do whatever works for you!) All the best in your endeavors. You’ll be in your pants in no time!

    • I absolutely agree with you, and for the last ten years I haven’t dieted once, and just focused on eating healthily. I know that if I do that I will eventually lose the weight. But with 30 lbs to lose to fit into 90% of my clothes, and no money to buy anything bigger in the interim, I want to lose the first half rather quickly, and then move back to my “healthy eating” attitude after I get into at least my size 10s, so I have something other than maternity clothes to wear.

  7. I kind of agree with Cate Pane – the more I diet, the more I think about food, and the hungrier I get. Lately I’ve had a little bit of luck focusing on drinking lots of fluids.

    But I’m wondering whether you are setting yourself up for frustration with such specific guidelines of how much you’ll lose per week. I think undoubtedly, your weight loss will slow down as you lose more, and it won’t follow a straight line. I hope you are not too discouraged if you don’t always lose 2 pounds per week.

    • I don’t have a real goal of a 2 lb per week loss, I’m just following the the calorie guidelines on MFP for a 2lb per week loss, I know it won’t happen that rapidly every week.

      I am really lucky that my anti-depressant/ADD medication helps curb my appetite, so I’m not hungry all day while I’m cutting calories. There are definitely times of the day when I want to eat, but it’s never overwhelming.

  8. I think we are built pretty much identically. Weird!
    I was way off track the last few days with my fam in town, but I’m back at it today. Let’s do this!

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