Your Thoughts on Blogs

A recent post Mel’s blog got me thinking about the ways blogs work and how we read them. I spend so much of my time every day reading blogs that I’ve come to have some strong opinions about them (not any one in particular, just blogs in general). Of course not everyone has the same opinions. I was hoping my wonderful readers could give me a an idea of how they feel about how blogs work and how they interact with posts. Some of these questions don’t necessarily apply to my space (I doubt I’ll ever have ads on my site and I PROMISE I’ll never use Captcha), but some of your answers may change the way I do things around here. Mostly I just want to see how my opinions compare to others. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer these quick ten questions. (Sorry I couldn’t embed this survey my blog. I tried really hard, but it didn’t work.)

I will absolutely post the results early next week (I want to give people some time to take the survey).


9 responses

  1. Answered the survey, but sometimes the answer I would have given wasn’t a choice. I went with the closest choice, but it didn’t really give you my thoughts on the topic.

    But here’s another question: do you let other people choose the colour of the walls in your house? Or did you pick the paint that you like? Do you sometimes deal with commentary on your paint choices? And do you ever repaint your walls to suit others?

    Depending on the answers to those question, the final question is: why would you change your blog space to make everyone else happy if it isn’t how you want your blog to look/behave?

    Yes, a blog needs an audience. Yes, a writer should always be aware and accommodating of their audience in the same way that a host takes care of her guests. But she doesn’t repaint the walls to make her guests happy, you know?

    I always assume that if there is something someone is doing with their blog that there is a reason behind that choice that perhaps I don’t know about and if I did, I would make the same choice too.

    • There are certain things about my blog I wouldn’t change. I specifically didn’t ask if people hate my black background because my guess is they don’t really like it, but I do and I’m not really willing to change that. But other things, like where a link opens is not something I care much about. *I* like them to open in another window but if most people would rather they open in the same window (as you do) I’ll do that. Where links open on my blog doesn’t really affect me, I’m not the one clicking on them. And some of it I was just curious about. I’m starting to not comment on blogs that use Captcha and I always wonder if I’m the only one. So I put that question there to see if I’m, in fact, the only one. Mostly I’m just curious how other people feel about these things. I think about them a lot, and wonder what other people think about them too.

      As for not having a write in answer, I thought about include that possibility, but honestly I couldn’t figure out how to do it! I’m not very tech savvy. Sorry about that!

  2. I also went with the closest answer, but for example, I bookmark blogs as well as off a blogroll. I’d never, ever use a reader… And I didn’t feel right choosing an answer that didn’t really reflect what I do. Sorry, yes I really am that anal. LOL I can’t help it.. 😉

    • I totally understand. Bookmarking blogs is a completely different option! I wish I could have provided a write in response, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Thanks for specifying what you do. That’s so interesting!

  3. I once said I would never use Captcha.

    And then my site came under “brute force attack” and the host shut be down because that violates my TOS to take up that much of a server’s resources. So I compromised by finding the least odious captcha plugin I could.

    I’m curious about your survey results, too.

  4. I’d love to see the results! I’m entertained that the answers to “how many blogs do you follow?” Started with 1-50. I would’ve put 1-10, 11-25, 25-50… I guess you read a lot of blogs!!

  5. Love your survey! I would ask about people who don’t proofread blogs, write long paragraphs that are hard to follow or use incorrect grammar. I am a nut about these things. I like to see something visual in the blog to break up the writing, but this is probably due to my short attention span!

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