Six Months Out

This was going to be one of a series of posts about where we’re at six months into being a family of four. I was going to write about Monito and Osita today and Mi.Vida later in the week. But I don’t think it’s going to happen that way. Osita is getting older, and I just don’t feel as comfortable sharing intimate details about her life anymore. She will be four in about a month and she is her own person now. It doesn’t feel right to dedicate an entire post to her development. So I won’t. But I will write about my sweet boy, and where he’s at right now. And I definitely need to write something about some issues I’m having around parenting my sweet girl, but that won’t be this post. I also plan to write a post about where Mi.Vida and I are at, because honestly? We’re doing way better than I thought we would be at this point, despite the fact that the transition was way harder than I expected. How is it that we’re doing better, despite things being worse? I’ll answer that in (hopefully) tomorrow’s post.

And now, a little bit about Monito at six months.

Monito turned six months old last week. His pediatrician is out of town for a month so we’re not going for our well visit until late next month; I have no idea how much he weighs or measures. I do know he’s wearing 6 month / 6-12 month clothes, and size 3 diapers (when we buy them). He is now exclusively formula fed, and we’re having a hard time getting him down from 36 ounces a day to 32 (this is such a weird problem to have, as we were always trying to get Osita to eat more). He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I swear he’s been teething for three months now. After being sick for the first four months of his life, the last two he’s been really healthy. He’s just getting a cold again now and it sucks.

Most nights Monito sleeps 12-13 hours straight through, but sometimes he wakes up once. The last few nights have been really hard; he woke up three times each night and it made me realize how used to sleeping through the night I’ve gotten. He generally takes two naps, both about 90 minutes long, but he’s not as consistent with those. We haven’t really tried solid foods yet. I let him play around with some mashed bananas last week and he wasn’t that interested. I was surprised, because he has been watching me eat for the past month, always opening his mouth when I’m taking a bite. I plan to try something else this week and see if he likes it (maybe avocado or sweet potato). I think I’m going to try baby led weaning with Monito, mostly because I don’t have the time or energy to make a bunch of purees. Also, I’m interested in trying something new. We’ll see how it goes.

At six months Monito is rolling over very regularly, but he doesn’t sit up yet and he’s no where near crawling. A few people that I follow on blogs or FB have babies almost exactly the same age and all three are doing way more than Monito is. I know that each child moves at his or her own pace–and Osita was really “late” to do most physical things, especially crawling and walking–but it’s hard to turn off that comparison radar. I know Monito is happy and healthy and I have absolutely no worries about him developmentally, but I suppose it’s hard not to look at all their doing and see all that he is not yet doing.

All in all, Monito is a super happy, “easy” baby. He smiles big, laughs hard and goes with the flow. He gets startled easily and doesn’t like it when you sneeze while you’re holding him (he immediately starts sobbing). He also cries when people yell, and he gets really upset when Osita is upset. He cries when she is crying… or yelling (which has been a lot these past few weeks). He basically watches her whenever she is in the room, and she can make him smile by just looking at him. He LOVES toys and is happy with a rattle or teether in his mouth for a good hour. He’s super into his activity saucer and will still hang out in his bouncy chair if a lot of toys are hanging off the bar. He is a very sweet boy and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.


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  1. The comparing never stops. Especially when so many people ask…is he x’ing yet? Well, mine x’d at this many months. Blah I just went through that this morning. Baby Girl is 15 months today and she just started walking EVERYWHERE over the weekend. She had been walking here and there before that for a couple of weeks but this past weekend I don’t think she crawled (or sat down for that matter) at all. They said, “wow! she should be walking by now…mine was walking at 9 months.” Whatever. I’m glad she didn’t walk that early. I love that she took her time and mastered her craft. 🙂 Your little Mister is doing great and he will sit when he’s ready. I have a feeling that watching his big sister will help motivate him. I know you know this and I’m sure it’s been said 1,000 times, but enjoy him now because once those motor skills kick in you can’t go back to the baby stage.

  2. It’s interesting to me to watch what interests each baby and what they therefore work on first. At 14 months Little Monster is very engaged in climbing and fine motor things where the kid had triple the number of words easily but she wasn’t nearly so good at fine motor things. She may actually be behind her 14 month old sister in some fine motor stuff at 6! I figure that almost all of the time babies and kids get where they need to go developmentally whenever they are ready and if they’re still within the range, the comparing is silly and I try not to because it’s pointless. They are using their little budding personal interests to learn some things before others. Ahh! Getting so big!

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