Advice needed

So I’m at the point where I’m not emptying my breasts fully at all when I pump, so the milk I’m pumping is not nearly as fatty (lacking the hind milk) as it would be normally. Should I be mixing breast milk with formula moving forward, so that Monito is getting enough fat to fill him up? I’m worried he’s just getting the thin fore milk and it’s not enough for him by itself.

Any thought on this?

PS: this is so crazy uncomfortable. I’m glad I have a week off from work to get through it, but picking up Monito is excruciating. Anyone know how long I should expect this to take? Blerg. This blows.

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  1. I would see if he is hungry more often than normal- that’s a sign that he is not getting enough hind milk. Has he tasted formula before? You may want to start mixing it in to make sure that he will even drink it. Finally, I have heard that putting cabbage leaves, yes cabbage leaves, is a good way to stop milk production.

    • That’s a good point. He took formula when I was hospitalized, but that was when he was six weeks old. He might not be a forgiving now that he’s idle and more aware.

  2. Not sure time-wise, but I’ve also read that mint can help dry you up a bit – peppermint tea? And have you started using that nipple cream again when you do pump? I remember that gave you a pretty clear supply drop, I assume by decreasing the stimulation. Hoping you are discomfort-free soon!

  3. Oh, and I second trying out the formula or mixing a bit into your milk – better to find out now how well he takes to it, if you haven’t tried yet!

  4. If his poo is not green and frothy (the indicator for a hindmilk-foremilk imbalance), you should be ok. Remember that milk gets more watery when it gets warmer (because baby needs more water) and gets more watery as the baby gets older.

  5. I echo the ladies above. Unless his poo is green and frothy, I wouldn’t worry about it not having enough hind milk. That being said, it’s not a bad idea to start mixing in with whatever formula you’re going to use just to make sure he’ll take the brand you’re going with! Cabbage leaves on the breasts as well to help slow production. Good luck!

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