Dream Come True

When we were trying to have another baby, I often thought of how my children would be together–playing, reading books, watching movies, building forts, playing board games. One of the things I imagined most was them taking baths together. I don’t know why, but that image came to represent my “two child dream.”

And this weekend my dream became a reality. My children took a bath together. Osita had been playing outside with me, and she got super dirty. She needed a bath that night anyway, but when I saw her dipping her hair in the murky depths of her water table, I decided getting clean couldn’t wait. Monito was up when she got in the bath (usually he’s already asleep) and he was so excited watching her in the water. I knew he’d absolutely love to join her, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be quite so enthusiastic. Luckily she was. So I put in Monito’s bath chair and let them splash around together. He was in absolute heaven, and Osita enjoyed it quite a bit herself. In fact tonight, she was whining for Monito to take a bath with her again. Sadly he was already in bed, but that didn’t stop her from asking a dozen times or more.

Yep, my dream was realized. And it was so, so sweet.

3 responses

  1. It’s the little things that we appreciate so much after struggling to build a family. I love those little things 🙂

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