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  1. Wow!

    I liked your choice for a wedding dress! I am rather low-key myself, and just could not get into the big white, poofy dress.

    Your MIL should not have been as confused as she was. A fleecy sweatshirt? No… Not wearing white does not mean, ‘come however you want.’. At least she was comfortable!

    • You know, I really didn’t care AT ALL how my in-laws were dressed. I thought it was funny, and indicative of who they are, but I really didn’t care. I hope they never see this article though. I’d hate for them to be embarrassed or upset, because it really didn’t matter to me.

      • I cared about what people wore to my wedding, until they just refused to understand. I said hot pink, green, orange. Sister (maid,of honor) started out with a slate blue and tan striped dress. My mom told her to start over. Ha. She wore red and tan then. Ha ha! My mom came in purple. MIL came in black. After all the worry up front, by the time the day got there, I just didn’t care.

        My dad wore shorts. It was a beach wedding and I could have cared less, but my mom was so upset with him!

  2. I’m super impressed! And your poor mil she would have been mortified! I had the white dress (c’mon you’re not surprised!!) my sister had her wedding at my parents home and went white but short and floaty it was lovely. One of my relatives didn’t realise it was still dress nice and rocked up in jeans and a jumper. Looked funny 😄 I adore weddings!

  3. Hubby and I got married at the court house in Annapolis, but a month later we had a reception back in Louisiana at a local hall, complete with white dress (which I wore on my wedding day), cake and bouquet for throwing. We sent out formal invitations, my in-laws all came, and I was surprised to see a few old high school and college friends show up in jeans. The South is not casual like California, when it comes to social events, so they were mortified that they weren’t dressed appropriately, but in the moment, I could have cared less because we were just having a blast and nothing else mattered. Later, I thought it was a little strange to just assume that because we had gotten married already that it was automatically a casual event. And honestly, noone throws jeans and t-shirt type events in southwest Louisiana anyway.
    I never wanted a huge wedding with a huge fuss made over me, and thinking about all of the “proper” etiquette stuff just makes me want to scream.

  4. That’s so cool! I would’ve been pissed about the MIL I was pretty laid-back about what others wore to my wedding, but I ended up annoyed with some people’s choices. First of all, it was a backyard, afternoon wedding, and everyone wore sundresses. I wanted them to get dressed up! Second of all, I told my sisters (bridesmaids) they could pick their own dresses, but they should either wear the same dress in 2 different colors or different dresses in the same color. They wore 2 different dresses! Similar styles, length, material, but not in any way matching. I guess that’s what I get for not overseeing their choices.

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