Going gluten-free

On Wednesday I took Monito to the chiropractor. I was hoping that a gentle realignment might help his suck issues. I’m pleased to report that since the session he’s shown a lot of improvement in his ability to latch on to his bottle and suck without gagging, sputtering or gasping. I’m also pleased to report that the chiropractor had a suggestion on how to clear up Monito’s eczema, which has gotten really bad. Unfortunately the suggestion was to cut wheat out of my diet completely.

So I’m going gluten-free for a few weeks.


I’m seriously so over having restrictions in my diet. After two rounds of intensive fertility-friendly diets and two rounds of equally restrictive thrush-combating diets, I’m just DONE with cutting things out. At the same time, I hate seeing the skin on Monito’s face all red and angry. It’s so dry he even has spots that are bleeding. The poor thing! It just looks so painful and I want it to stop.  And I’m not ready to stop offering him breast milk so… it’s not wheat for me. (I’ve been treating it with olive oil, Aquafor, shea butter and none of it helps, at least not for long).

I’m not writing this post to bitch about it (though clearly I love me a good rant). Instead, I’m hoping some of you may have some recommendations for products I might check out. My favorite foods are pasta and bread–the two things that are most off-limits with this diet–so if you know of any good gluten-free pasta and bread options please let me know. I have obviously cut out wheat before (all of my restricted diets have cut out wheat, dairy and sugar) so I know of some options but none of them are very good. Maybe there isn’t anything really wonderful out there and I’ll just have to suck it up and live without my favorite foods for a while.

Hey, at least I can still have ice cream!

Strike two breastfeeding. I’m still dealing with thrush, 10 weeks later and now I have to go gluten-free?! One more strike and you are OUT!

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  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I understand your frustration.

    I don’t know of wheat alternatives. When we go gluten free, we go paleo… So wee don’t even try to find replacements.

    At least it’s temporary? 🙂

  2. The best pasta I’ve found is Andean Dream, which is quinoa and rice based. It’s excellent, and my super picky husband can’t tell the difference. It’s pricey though, so we just use it for an occasional treat, and usually as a side. As far as bread – in the freezer section I like Rudy’s, but not the multi grain because I can’t have corn. If you don’t mind a box mix that you pop in the oven, SunFlourMills has the absolute best gfbread I’ve tasted.
    We tend to eat paleo though, just like Courtney, and mostly skip replacement foods. It’s cheaper and easier, plus my

  3. Whoops, wasn’t finished. Plus, my waistline tends to expand when I eat tons of grains, so I try to load up on carbs like sweet potatoes and butternut squash, etc instead.

  4. I understand being done with diet restrictions. Been there done that, and my husband is gluten free. But anyways, I really like the Barilla brand gluten free spaghetti. I think it’s new so it might be harder to find. I got mine at Kroger. Pamela’s mix for pancakes and waffles is also really good. Udi’s bread is my favorite, though it’s still not great in my opinion. Hope that helps!

  5. I was seriously allergic to wheat during pregnancy, and DC2 seems to still have a wheat allergy, so after a brief respite I’m back to no-wheat. (Also I suspect I have OAS with wheat, but now that it’s winter I no longer seem to be symptomatic.)

    The quinoa pasta is the best we’ve found so far (it’s actually combo quinoa and corn). Everything else we tried has been kind of nasty. We do like the thin brown rice annie chun’s pasta, but it only works in Chinese food. We’ve been eating a lot of Asian food– We’ve been enjoying Quick and Easy Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey and Quick and easy Thai by Nancie McDermott. (Easy Chinese by Be Yinn Low has neither been quick nor easy, so I’d give that one a miss.) We’ve also been eating a lot of Latin American food… sometime in the near future we’ll have a post on Arepas.

    It’s a little difficult with my PCOS, but we try to use brown rice when possible and pair with protein when the carb is corn-based. Fortunately nursing keeps a lot of the PCOS problems at bay.

    Here’s a missive from pregnancy: http://nicoleandmaggie.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/weird-things-i-eat-gluten-free-whole-grain-no-sugar-no-artificial/ I no longer have to be as careful because little bits of Worcestershire sauce no longer seem to be a big deal.

    Good luck!

  6. When we were doing the elimination diet to figure out what was giving G eczema I thought I would die, I’d never had any diet restrictions before!! Turns out her issues were dairy, and soap/lotion sensitivity, and they remain, although she’s the least rashy she has been her entire 4.5 years *knock on wood* so that’s awesome. It took a long time to figure out the right combo for her, I really hope Monito’s problems are cleared up quickly!

  7. Try Excederm Baby or Cereve, both are available at CVS. We use Excederm for my neice and dad who both have excema. My mom and I use Cereve due to skin sensitivity. I know Rain at Weathering Storms uses Cereve for her son who has excema, too.

  8. I like Udi’s whole grain bread as well as the white bread. Keep it frozen until ready to use. It isn’t bad toasted. Or you can set out a couple of slices to thaw/come to room temp before eating without toasting.

    I haven’t found a good GF pasta, so I just stopped eating it.

    Hope it works out for you and Monito!

  9. The kind of bread you can buy frozen is the best, English muffins better than most things I’ve tried (not GF but a good friend is so I bump into it sometimes). I’ll inquire what people like best. Beware sauces though. They often hide gluten. Good luck. I hope this solves his problems!

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