Archival Perspective

This is my 1200th post, so I suppose it’s fitting that it is basically a tribute to this blog, and the perspective it affords me.

I was recently reading through my December 2012 posts, trying to figure out exactly where we were in our secondary infertility journey at this point last year, when I came across this post about how hard the “terrible twos” were treating us. It’s not that I forgot any of the specific challenges that we faced, but I think I did forget how their cumulative effect was wearing me down to the point of absolute defeat.

When I write about how hard this transition is for Osita, I forget how much harder last year was, in general. Maybe some of what Osita is going through right now is not entirely related to the arrival of her brother. I mean I’m sure some, if not most, of it is about becoming a sibling, but it’s also possible that some of the issues she’s having is just about being three.

Reading this post, I’m actually very thankful that it took us as long as it did to get pregnant and have a second child. When I think of how difficult it would have been to parent a baby while dealing with my daughter last year I shudder. I also probably would have thought that all her issues then were about becoming a sibling when in reality, just being two years old was pretty rough for her, and us. I’m so glad I never have to worry that all the hitting and self-harm was not about being a big sister at all.

I’m also glad that I wasn’t holding a baby when she was doing it.

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  1. 1200 posts! Wow, that is such an accomplishment. I am in awe of your ability to write so frequently and such quality posts so frequently. I remember how rough a time you were having when Osita was 2. I’m glad you can look back and have that perspective now- that your family building timeline was actually exactly as it should be.

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