8 weeks

It’s been 8 weeks since Monito came into the world. On the one hand it feels like only yesterday, on the other hand I can hardly remember what life was like without him here.

At eight weeks Monito continues to be a really easy baby, though he’s had his moments when he hits a “wonder week.” In the last two weeks, despite there being no discernible pattern to his sleeping or eating, we seem to have fallen into a comfortable routine. Baby boy still sleeps a lot, but he now has two or three wakeful periods during the day where, if we’re not on the go (he tends to sleep in his car seat or the Ergo) he’ll be alert for up to two hours. Mostly though he likes to sleep and does it well. He’s getting one pretty consistent six hour stretch a night now, but it usually happens between 10pm and 4am, which means I only get to enjoy about four hours of it.

Yes, the last two weeks we seem to really have hit our stride. I think the main reason for this has been the switch to bottle feeding, which continues to go well. I notice that I am much less stressed since we made the change, despite the fact that I’m still battling thrush (more on this unfortunate reality later). Pumping is going really well: my four 15 minute sessions yield more than baby boy can eat. (I was meticulously tracking both my output and his intake for the first week or so of pumping but I’ve stopped now, as I’m more familiar with, and confident in, both our routines. Since I can’t freeze any milk (both because of thrush and because of my lipase issue) I’m not stressed about offering an extra ounce or two at the end of a feeding if I think he may still be hungry. It’s so nice not to have to stress about my milk production or feel like every single drop of breast milk must be consumed. Honestly, the feeding situation is just so much more enjoyable than it was before, that one significant change has absolutely improved the tenor of our relationship.

It’s also helped me to not feel so tied to the baby. I no longer stress about leaving him with his father or grandparents as I’m always several bottles ahead of him as far as milk production is concerned (and I’d have no issues giving him formula if I fell behind). Knowing that anyone is as capable as I am at feeding him is such a freeing feeling, one I didn’t realize I coveted until it was a consistent part of my life.

Osita continues to show signs of the inner turmoil of becoming a big sister. She cries for me most days at school, a habit she never had before, not even when she first started at two years old. She talks of “scary dreams” almost every morning, though I believe that she considers any dream to be “scary,” and honestly I can’t really blame her; I imagine an unleashed subconscious would be pretty terrifying to an unsuspecting three year old. She’s regressed a little bit in her bedwetting, and we’ve moved from disposable pull ups to cloth Super Undies so she can feel better when she’s wet (and I don’t have to feel guilty for throwing away pull ups that haven’t even been peed in). There are a lot more “no’s” and considerably more whining than there was before Monito was born. Luckily, Osita never directs her anger or uncertainty toward the baby. She speaks about him lovingly and has even requested to hold him more recently. Yesterday she tried to pick him up and bring him to me when he was upset.

Monito, of course, is absolutely enthralled with his sister. Her voice and (incessant) movements captivate him and almost always make him smile. It is clear that he will be a huge fan of his big sister and I doubt she’ll have any trouble recruiting him for whatever mischief she hopes to make as they both get older.

At eight weeks old, I have a full six weeks left of maternity leave. I know the next three weeks will go by quickly, with Christmas, the New Year and then our wedding. I have a feeling I’m going to blink and find myself in mid-January with only two or three weeks left until I go to work. I’m trying not to dwell on the inevitability too much, as I did on my maternity leave with Osita, and when I do find myself feeling sad about leaving my precious baby boy I remind myself that I’m only part time and I’ll see him for a good amount of time every day.

Life right now is really good.Things are even improving with Mi.Vida. We had a hard conversation this weekend, but we finished it off with some make up sex and that seems to have made all the difference. In the past days Mi.Vida’s attitude has been much better and while I know it probably won’t last, I’m enjoying it while I can.

So that is where we are at eight weeks out from this huge transition in our lives. Monito is such an amazing addition to the family, I think we’re all so grateful that he’s here, even though he’s made our lives unrecognizable. I just hope the next eight months are as enjoyable as the last eight weeks have been. We shall see…














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  1. The sibling adjustment really does wax & wane. I think as the babies hit milestones, sometimes it triggers something for the big sib and they act out again. But watching siblings develop a relationship is so awesome and so rewarding!

    I am so glad the feeding situation is working out for you, too. Seems like you’ll really be able to enjoy the remaining time of youdkr maternity leave.

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