One Thing After Another

So now Osita has croup. She’s handling it pretty well, despite the 101.7 fever today. Mostly I’m just really stressed that Monito will get it. It’s really dangerous for babies. The poor thing already has a stuffy nose. He slept a lot today and was fussier than usual, but luckily he isn’t showing signs of a cough. I’m hoping it’s just some random cold virus he has and not croup. God please don’t let him get croup.

I can’t believe Osita is so sick again, and the baby hasn’t even been home for two weeks yet. It’s going to be a loooooooong winter.

I wanted to write something else today but I’m totally wiped after being home alone with a sick toddler and a sort of sick newborn, all while battling thrush. I’m making huge changes in my diet, sanitizing all my bras and the cloth diapers (which I won’t use again until we’re all cleared of this awful yeast) and blitzing myself with probiotics. I’m also treating Monito and I with gentian violet. So far I haven’t felt any relief from the burning, itching or pain but I’m trying to be hopeful.

Today will be much of the same, sick kids and sore breasts. It’s going to be a long week.

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  1. Many hugs and hope you all get/stay healthy! Upside: you’re plugging along with nursing so if he gets sick, it’s likely to be less bad than what Osita has since you’ve been exposed too. My kid is often sick for days/weeks, me also, baby for half the time or less. More hugs.

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