Trial by Fire

Our first 24 hours at home (which haven’t even ended yet) has been a trial by fire. Of course it took forever for Kaiser to discharge us and the 4pm check out time slowly, painfully, stretched to 6pm. By the time we got home it was almost 7pm and Osita didn’t get dropped off until 7:30pm. It all happened much later than we had planned.

Osita’s response to her baby brother was incredible and I’ll be posting a video of it soon. For now I’ll just say that it completely exceeded my expectations. It was absolutely amazing.

Luckily Monito was passed out and I was able to put Isa to bed just like old times. She has been sick with a hacking cough and spent the day at home with her grandparents but seemed to be doing better. She was excited to see us but fell asleep quickly and easily. We planned on taking her to school the next day for consistency’s sake.

I fed Monito and tried to put him down but he wouldn’t have it. He ended up breastfeeding for about 5 hours straight. I was so tired I kept nodding off while he hung out at my boob. (Which holy shit! Owwwww!)

Then, half way through the breast-feeding marathon I heard Osita throw up all over her bed. When I left Monito with Mi.Vida he started screaming. I dealt with Osita’s bed (and a very upset Osita) while Mi.Vida tried to settle Monito. Finally I got Osita back down in a clean bed and had Monito happy at my boob again.

At 5am I finally for Monito to sleep in the rock n play with a binki and I got about three hours of sleep.

Today Osita threw up again (this time on our bed) and has been a total mess. We’ve watched My Little Ponies all day. Monito and I had to venture to the doctor’s by ourselves, so MV could stay home with our sick girl. It’s been tough.

The appointment went well. Poor Monito has lost A LOT of weight, evidently he’s lost 14% of his birth weight which isn’t what they like to see. No wonder he wants to eat non-stop! The poor thing is starving. My OB is being supportive and thinks my milk will come in by tomorrow and all will be okay but she says if that doesn’t happen I’ll have to supplement. I don’t really want to do that, mostly because I don’t want to buy formula that I won’t use for long. And I’d rather avoid bottles so early on. At the same time I don’t want him to be hungry. I had thinking that he’s starving all the time. We’ll see if my milk comes in before we need to do anything else.

So yeah, these first 24 hours at home have been a trial by fire. It’s hard not to be able to give my little girl what she needs, especially when she’s sick. Luckily MV has been amazing and Osita is getting a lot of snuggle time with daddy. Thank goodness he’s home this week.

The other thing saving me is the Moby wrap, which Monito loves. I suspect he and I will be sleeping on the glider with little man in the Moby tonight, in between our every-two-hour feeding sessions.

And now, because I know it’s way more fun than anything I have to say, some more photos!






15 responses

  1. Love! I pray they will release me early with #2. The thought of being AWAY from my first girl terrifies me! BTW he is so stinking cute, and poor little O. Feel better soon!

  2. Oh boy- like you don’t have enough to deal with when first bringing home a newborn- but a stomach bug for Osita too?? At least MV is already around and able to help out! I hope Osita gets better soon and that your milk comes in.

  3. Love seeing babies in a Moby! Makes me miss that stage.

    If you end up needing to supplement, you could use a medicine cup or spoon feed Monito. That’s we we did when my milk came in late. It worked just fine.

  4. These pictures are precious- just wonderful. I love the ponies in the rock and play- big sister already sharing her toys. I’m sorry your homecoming wasn’t as smooth and peaceful as you would have liked, but you are proving to yourself that you can handle this 2 kid thing, whatever is thrown your way!

  5. oh Lordy, I know I’m reading this late, but there’s nothing like getting thrown into it right away, eh? I hope Osita is feeling better and your milk has come in for little man! Might didn’t come in for 3d if I remember right – then holy shit!

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