The Pregnancy That Never Ends (UPDATED)

Yesterday was actually a really good day, that is until I spent three hours in false labor. I called L&D and they told me I could come in but I waited an hour longer and in that time, the contractions stopped. Again.

That is my sixth false labor in the three weeks and it was by far the most convincing. I couldn’t believe when it stopped.

Today I called at noon to see when I was supposed to come in. My OB told me they’d give me a time right then, but that it could be pretty late. The L&D nurse had a different story. Evidently they don’t call until a room is ready and there is a chance a room will never be open today. Evidently every Kaiser L&D ward in the area is full so it’s not looking good.

It still might happen tonight, but I’m not that hopeful. I’m going to call again around 5pm and see if I can speak to my OB who is on call today (which is why my induction was scheduled for today) and ask what happens if there is no space for me today. The L&D nurse said that I would be admitted tomorrow if not today “if I needed it,” but I’m not sure how they can guarantee tomorrow when they can’t guarantee today. I guess we’ll see what my doctor says and if I can’t get a hold of her I’ll be calling every number I can get my hands on until I get an answer that satisfies me.

The worst part of all this is missing my daughter, who is having a hard time away from us. I thought we were a go last night and had my in-laws pick her up. But then we didn’t go in and it was too late to pick her up when we knew it wasn’t happening. Tonight I won’t be able to bring her home because they might call after she’s asleep, but if we don’t get in tonight it will be another night away from home that wasn’t necessary. I feel awful she is suffering because of my body that can’t just do what everyone expects it should be doing. I feel so frustrated and broken.

Seriously. Why can’t this pregnancy just be over?! Why can’t I meet my son? It shouldn’t be this hard. He is so low now my urethra is being closed by the pressure. I have to push so hard to pee and then I feel a pop and it pushes past the obstruction. Seriously. This needs to be over. Now.

UPDATE: I called Kaiser SF and they were not even planning on calling me back! They thought I knew there was no room today. But luckily Redwood City (where we had Osita) has space so were heading down there as soon as Mi.Vida eats his burrito. My next post will be a picture of my little boy!!! Eek!

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  1. Soon! He will be here very soon! I hope you can relax and get into labor on your own or get in for your induction yet tonight. I have faith in your body and that feisty baby and you’ll get there safely together. Many hugs and much hope for smooth sailing from here!

  2. Hooray!!! So happy for you! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately as I feel myself getting sucked into this scary limbo mode of just “not knowing when.” It requires a lot of inner strength to get through this calmly. But, you are at the end…I am so happy for you!

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