The New Plan

Thank you all for your kind words of support and understanding on my last post. This is not how I wanted to spend the final months of my last pregnancy, but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt and I’m trying to manage it as best I can. With that in mind, I hope you’ll read this post with the same mindset of support and understanding and that you’ll respond without criticism, even if you don’t agree with the steps I’m planning to take.

So, we have a plan. Thank god we finally have a definitive plan.

If this baby doesn’t come before his due date–next Tuesday, 10/22–I’ll be induced. I’m not excited about an induction but I’m way more scared of going past my due date than the issues that arise with an induction. I know ultrasounds are not definitive as far as measurements go, but this baby’s head was measuring 40weeks over THREE WEEKS AGO. It’s going to be big head and it’s going to be hard to get out and the future health of my vag is more important to me than one day. I also feel so much better mentally and emotionally since being told I have an induction date that I know this is the best decision for me during this pregnancy.

This changes everything though and I’m trying to reconcile what I thought would happen with what will happen. I understand that many women reading this won’t understand why I’m rushing this baby’s birth. I understand that “babies come when they are ready.” But I also understand that I’ve had chronic pain since my daughter was born and haven’t enjoyed sex once in the last 3.5 years. I want to enjoy sex again and I can’t imagine I’ll be able to do that if my son is born much later than next week. He will probably be 9+ lbs as it is and his head will be quite large. I need to protect my vag and at 38+ weeks (non-adjusted) I know he’s cooked enough to come out.

Still, I can’t really believe this is happening. My body has been so ready for so long, I don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve done so much to try to get him out but to no avail. I never thought I’d make it to this week, let alone next week and yet here I am. I’m SO GLAD I didn’t leave work this week. I would be a basket case if I were sitting at home burning my sick days.

So that is my plan. It’s not ideal. I don’t love it, but it’s what I feel is the best under the circumstances, considering the suggested size of this baby and my current mental health. I’m hoping that starting at 5cm dilated and 60% effaced I won’t need much to push me into active labor. I’m also hoping it will go fast once it has started. I’m very open to an epidural if the pitocin induced contractions are too much. There is a good chance I’ll be having back labor anyway and I promised myself I wouldn’t make myself go through that again, especially not without a birthing coach.

One of the major changes is that we’ll be having this baby at the Kaiser hospital in San Francisco, not in Redwood City. This is a big change, but my OB will be on call the day I’m to be induced so I think this is a good pay off for being at a different hospital than we had planned. It will be also a lot easier for Osita to visit with her grandparents. So while I’m not thrilled to be changing hospitals when we had such a good experience at the one in Redwood City, it’s worth it for me to have an induction date.

So that is our new plan. I appreciate that you may not agree with it and it may not be what you would do, but it’s what I feel is best for me and my family given the circumstances and I appreciate your support or silence.

Only five sleeps until Tuesday.

14 responses

  1. Phew, I definitely think it will do your mental & physical state well to get this show on the road. Every pregnancy is different, and you just have to have faith that you are making the right decision for you and for this baby – it’s obviously not a decision you’re making lightly. Screw the haters! πŸ™‚

  2. I think your plan sounds great. You need to do what’s best for you and baby physically and mentally. Since I’m T1 diabetic, docs won’t let me go past 39 weeks anyway. So, if M is looking healthy, and it’s best for you mentally/physically, then go ahead with the induction. I wonder if some of the stress you’ve been dealing with (pregnancy, depression) might not be why you’ve started/stopped with labor progression? I just remember reading somewhere that a lot of times women who aren’t progressing during labor get an epidural and then, because they’re not dealing with the stress from the pain, the rest of their labor goes quite smoothly. I’m hoping for you that now that you have a set date you can begin to ease some of that anxiety and that prompts M to come out, out, out!

  3. I’m really happy you have this plan, which sounds awesome and exactly what you need. Anyone who doesn’t understand what you are going through can step off. As Josey said: screw the haterz!

  4. Holy crap, Tuesday is soon!! Yes, in an ideal wod he’d come when he’s ready, but in an ideal world you wouldn’t have all these other complicating factors. It’s a balancing act and you’re choosing what’s best for the greatest good overall. I’m so happy you’re feeling god about having a plan!

  5. I’m so happy to hear you talked to your doc and now have a plan in place. There is nothing more relieving than knowing what’s coming….or maybe it makes it more stressful, but either way you have a plan. Good for you! I know once it was all put down on paper for me I felt a big relief. No more pressure for me to get things going myself. I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling better with this too. WIth everything you have going on, I think you’re doing what’s best for you and your baby…and most importantly you feel this way too….EXCITED FOR YOU!! and maybe just a little jealous your OB is on call 2 days before mine LOL πŸ˜€

  6. Sounds like this baby is definitely ready to come out! What a relief to have an end date. I am so sorry you haven’t enjoyed sex in years! That’s not okay!! May I suggest that you try acupuncture before Tuesday to get this labor going? it can really help. If you’re worried about cost, I’m sure there are community acupuncture places in your area-the Bay Area. The way they work is you sit in a room with others while the needles are in. These places are affordable, usually sliding scale starting around $20, and another perk is you get to stay as long as you want, allowing the treatment to reach maximum effect!

  7. I don’t get why you feel the need to apologize for this decision. You’re doing the best thing for you and the baby and that’s ok. I got induced on my due date and didn’t get fined or anything, I assure you πŸ™‚
    A couple of things:
    1. U/s measurements are ridiculously inaccurate. On my induction day Bunny got measured twice. Once they said 3.7 kilos and the second time they said 3.5. She was born 3.1. And these were very good docs.
    2. Inductions can take a looong time. Prepare yourself emotionally for 3 days. If it takes less time, bonus!
    3.depending on what they do, you may need a lot of monitoring, and you’ll probably get pitocin. Pitocin HURTS. I know you’re already considering this but I want to really encourage you to get an epidural if the pain gets to be too much. Seriously, you don’t get medals for laboring naturally. Think of your health and sanity and don’t try to be a hero.
    4. But don’t get too scared of the pain. The worst part of the induction for me was the waiting. By the time I got to labor I was so happy to be there I didn’t care. I hope the same happens for you (not the waiting, the happiness, of course). πŸ™‚
    Ok. Done preaching now, I swear. Good luck and congrats!

  8. so excited for you to meet your little man! I can’t believe you’ve been walking around 5 cm dilated! I would be thrilled to get there and I’m sure the induction will go well since your body is prepped. Good luck!

  9. You might have a quick and (relatively) painless induction! I was induced and my labor only lasted 4.5 hours. You never know πŸ™‚ I felt like I should have let my baby come on her own as well, but after hearing about the complications that can arise when babies cook too long (not that you’re in that situation) I decided my plan to be induced at 39.5 weeks was a good one. I had been walking around with baby’s head engaged and 4 cm dilated for weeks as well. NOT a comfortable situation πŸ™‚

    I’ll be hoping that your baby boy is born happy and healthy on Tuesday or maybe before! So happy for you!

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