Last Day

I’m sitting in my car (which is incredibly uncomfortable because I can’t push my seat back because I have the baby seat behind it! Eek!) while Osita naps in her car seat. It just goes to show how nothing is worth not letting your kid nap when they need to. 😉 We ALL need those breaks.

The last two days have been intense. I was at my parents’ house because my grandmother is in town and I wanted her to get as much time with Osita as possible, but I ended up getting in the middle of some stressful family drama that I would have appreciated avoiding. Let’s just say I’m SOOOO happy to be home today.

I also was working incredibly hard on my sub plans which are thankfully ready to go for this coming Monday. Which is good because it looks like Monday is my last day, whether baby boy is here or not. It’s kind of a long, convoluted story but my VP, in her eagerness to find one sub who could take my classes for the three weeks before my long term sub can start, promised the sub a full three weeks in October (I was still hoping to go out at the last minute and have someone swoop in and take over where I left off). I was so overjoyed that someone was able to do that (even if she has no Spanish at all), and somewhat confused by what I was agreeing to, that I didn’t realize I had to stop working on Tues 10/15 until it felt like I couldn’t back out of the agreement. So next Monday is my last day. I have an OB appt that afternoon so I can get a Dr.’s note then and I’ll have her sweep my membranes so that hopefully I won’t be sitting on my ass for too long, waiting for this baby to come. I REALLY don’t want to waste a week or more or maternity leave before he even gets here but it’s important to me that I have someone in my room consistently for the time I’m away.

In some related good news, I met with our district’s HR woman and found out that I can actually take more than 12 weeks off, though anything after six weeks is unpaid. So I’m not AS stressed about leaving early, knowing I can stretch my leave if we can afford it. I’m going to crunch some numbers this week to see if staying out a little longer is possible. I really hope we can swing it.

So here I sit, with my sub plans 99% completed and my maternity leave plans as done as they are going to get and my last day pretty much determined. I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for baby boy to make his appearance. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. (How long can a woman walk around being 3cm dilated and 50% effaced?! Evidently for weeks and weeks.)

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  1. Totally keep going at 3&50% for weeks and everyone can be ok during this time. Ok being relative at this stage of pregnancy I do admit. Glad you know when you stop doing class; I think a little time to gain strength and rest prior to labor and newborn would be nice…but you will do well no matter how it goes. Just being able to breath……. Good wishes!

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