Yesterday was my 37 week appointment. I just went last week but I had to go again because my doctor possibly has jury duty next week so she’s not making appointments, lest she have to cancel them. So in again I went this week.

I asked for a cervical check, because I’ve been SO UNCOMFORTABLE and I wanted to know if there was a reason why. Turns out there is. I’m already 3cm dilated, 50% effaced. Of course that doesn’t really mean much, as far as when this baby might come. I think I still have at least 1.5-2 more weeks. And I bet I’ve been dilated for a few weeks already. Who knows. The only thing I do know is that I have no idea.

There was also a bit of a scare yesterday. My fundal height only measured 34 weeks, which was actually a week less than it measured two weeks ago. So I was sent to the ultrasound department to check baby’s growth (which I wasn’t worried about since he was measured by ultrasound last week and was right on track) and my fluid levels (which I was a little concerned about, given my reduced fundal height). My OBGYN thought the reduced fundal height was due to baby coming down into my pelvic bone and I had been feeling a lot of increased pressure this past week (which was why I asked to be checked) so I wasn’t too freaked out but the 1.5 hour wait for the ultrasound was a little nerve wracking.

Fortunately the ultrasound went great. My fluids were fine. The tech had baby boy measuring at 38w3d (about a week ahead of my already adjusted EDD) and he estimated his weight at 7lbs 11oz (+/- a pound). He didn’t think baby boy’s head was that low so who knows why my fundal height has gone down–I’m not letting myself worry about it. Instead I’m trying to find peace in that place where I have to be both ready for baby boy to show up sometimes soon (this requires significant logistical preparations, especially at work since my long term sub isn’t available until the 14th and I haven’t finished grading these state tests I administered and that are due on the 14th) and mentally prepare for him to stay inside a week or two longer. How is one supposed to be ready, simultaneously, for both?! It seems impossible.

This weekend is already really busy but now I have to find time to get those tests graded and to write a week’s worth of sub plans (and make copies, etc). It’s frustrating to think I might do all that and then baby boy won’t even come until the next week (which is what I expect will happen) but it seems like the only responsible thing to do (and the only way to reduce my stress).

Later last night Mi.Vida and I are labor and birth refresher class. I mostly asked about epidurals since that is the probably big difference in this birth compared to the last one. I have to admit, I left feeling not that sure if I should plan to get one. If I’m experiencing back labor I’m pretty sure I’ll need it, unless things progress very, VERY fast. If I’m not having back labor I hope to manage on my own. I suppose I won’t know until I’m in the thick of it and again, I’m trying to be okay with that uncertainty. I’m not letting myself stress too much, the truth is I don’t really have time to stress about this stuff, when work is looming over me the way it is.

No matter what happens, ultimately I’m just grateful that baby boy still seems to be doing well, that we’ve made it this far. My anxiety about something going wrong in these final weeks is mostly manageable and I look forward to meeting my son sometime in the very near, or simply near, future.

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  1. Can you believe we are getting so close?? I am glad your ultrasound went well and everything is still good. That’s crazy that you’re 3cm already! I know EXACTLY what you mean about how frustrating it is to plan for two simultaneous futures. I have no idea if I should be taking things leisurely or freaking out to get things done (hello…car set installation??). Maybe it’s just a lesson in being more zen-like and accepting things as they come. BUT, I have the luxury of finishing work next week. I don’t know how you will do it, working until the last minute! Poor, poor you 😦

  2. Wow…it’s getting close now isn’t it? Sorry about having to plan for subs even though you don’t know if you’ll need it. That has to kind of suck. here’s hoping all that hard work won’t go to waste and baby will be here before you know it 🙂 My fundal height is all over the place. Last week I measured 41 weeks and this week I measured 38 so who knows! It’s all in how the baby is positioned.

    • I really appreciate hearing that your fundal height is also kind of wacky. I wasn’t that stressed out about it but I wondered… it’s good to know I’m not a total weirdo. 😉

  3. My doc said they don’t worry about fundal height unless there’s a major difference, because everyone measures slightly differently. I tracked 2 weeks behind the entire time, and then 4 when I saw a different doc just that time, and then back to 2 weeks behind again.

    You are so close!

  4. So exciting that you’re getting so close! I do hope you get everything done for work in time. But if you don’t, somehow it’ll all work out. It’ll have to.

  5. So glad that everything continues to go well! These last few weeks of pregnancy are so crazy-making! You know that you’re life is about to change in a huge way–but no one can tell you exactly when it will all happen.

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