Perfect Moment Monday: Early Morning Snuggles

This baby boy inside me, my son, is due to arrive in three weeks and my daughter’s world will be turned upside down. I’m trying to carve out important moments with her because I know there won’t be much time to linger with her once the baby comes.

It’s hard with toddlers because every time you do something you worry about setting a precedent, that they will expect it again another day. If you offer them a milkshake with their hamburger will they throw a fit at the next restaurant when one is not offered? If you go into their room in the wee hours of the morning and offer to sleep with them will the wake up the next day expecting the same?

On Saturday Osita woke up whimpering that she’d had a “scary dream.” She asked to come into our bed but I offered to sneak into hers instead and she was more than pleased with that compromise. After I’d maneuvered my hulking body into place she snuggled up next to me and whispered that she loved me and fell peacefully back asleep. I never reached that sweet state of dreams but I spent my own blissed out hour just lying next to her, watching her skinny chest rise and fall, gently smoothing her hair away from her face.

Those are the kinds of moments we won’t be able to share once the baby comes. I’m trying hard to make space for them now and to revel in their quiet beauty. I am so lucky to have my daughter in my life and I never want to take those perfect moments for granted.

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4 responses

  1. I love these moments! And you *will* be able to have them after Monito arrives. This morning J woke up earlier than usual and wanted me to get back in bed and cuddle with him. I was up already and just about to go nurse C, so I climbed into his bed and he curled up against me while she nursed. It was wonderful. So, absolutely cherish these moments, but also know they’re not over!

  2. You’ll be surprised at how you’ll sneak these moments in once baby boy gets here. I worried about the same thing, but we’ve had no shortage of snuggle moments – even some that last several hours!

    Revel in them now though – you are right about that!

  3. I love this moment. So, so sweet. And I’m sure you will have them still after Baby shows up. It will just be harder to find the moments. But they will be there. You will always have your special relationship with your daughter.

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