I have two very pesky, persistent intruders wreaking havoc on my recently re-done yard. They are basically ruining all the effort (and money) I invested into that space this summer.

One is clover, which we didn’t even have before I redid the yard. Now it’s
EVERYWHERE and everyday it had spread to more places. Mainly it grows IN my other plants because I have paper down between them but it’s also finding ways to get through my paper and it’s spreading like wild fire. I can’t pull it up (it’s root system is INSANELY hardy and impossible to extricated unless you dig up a huge area) and seems to be not that susceptible to Round Up (the leaves whither and die but the stems seem largely unaffected.

The second is raccoons. The come every 2-3 nights and dig up a shit ton of my yard looking for grubs. They either dig up my paper and mulch, creating new, fertile spaces for weeds to thrive or they dig up my actual plants! They are totally ruining everything and I hate them with a hot, fiery vengeance.

I’ve been told killing the grubs is one way to get rid of them but in the same breath I was told it was pretty much impossible to get rid of the grubs, so that doesn’t actually seem like a viable way to rid myself of the raccoons. I also read that motion sensor sprinklers are a great deterrent, but we don’t have a sprinkler system and I doubt I could afford a motion sensor sprinkler (though I will look into it.)

If any of you have any suggestion on how to combat these pesky intruders I would be forever grateful if you would share them. I’ll be so sad to see my hard work destroyed before we even got to enjoy it.

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  1. Ugh, that sounds so annoying. Unfortunately, I don’t have any great ideas for getting rid of raccoons. For the clover you might try boiling water and pouring it on the plant. I’ve heard it works for dandelions pretty well!

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