36 week check-up

Yesterday was my 36 week appointment. Baby’s head is down (yay!), but he’s facing up (::cringe::). The doctor assures me that most babies corkscrew their way into a face down position during labor but Osita never managed that and that was with a doula trying all manner of techniques to flip her. I think my babies’ heads are just too big (more on this later) to turn once they’re wedged in there and I’m doomed to experience back labor. I promised myself if I had back labor again I would get an epidural STAT and that is still my plan. I just hope the early part isn’t so bad that I lose my shit before I can get the epidural.

I also asked my doctor if she could estimate how big baby boy is. She insisted that ultrasound estimations of weight are not very accurate and I’ve read enough blog posts that prove this to be the case, but I wanted to get an idea of what I might be dealing with. I have kept my weight gain under control (compared to last time) and have only gained 37lbs so far (4lbs in the past two weeks! Oops!), so I’m not AS afraid of a giant baby as I was earlier in my pregnancy, but I’m still scared. Osita tore up my lady bits and I’m really worried that after a second vaginal birth of a really big baby I will literally NEVER want to have sex again. (Seriously, sex has REALLY sucked since Osita was born and I’m terrified of more vaginal tearing.)

So my OB took some measurements and it turns out baby boy is still measuring right on track (actually a few days ahead) at 36w5d (instead of 36w2d). All of his measurements are right around there, except his head, which is already measuring at 39.5 weeks. Yep, you read that right, the Mi.Vida-family-giant-head-syndrom strikes again. So I suppose it doesn’t really matter how much he weighs (the estimate was 7-8lbs), his giant noggin is going to tear me apart before anything else had a chance to.

Osita also had a giant head. Actually, she was 99th percentile in all measurements when she was born (and that was two weeks early) but as she got older she dropped in weight and height and yet always stayed the same in head size. Her head has ALWAYS been 98th percentile, even when her weight was in the 10th percentile. Mi.Vida is a tall guy (6’4″) and yet he looks like he has a big head. How big must a head be to look giant on such a tall body?! So yeah, baby boy has a giant melon where his head should be and there is will no escaping its wrath.

So it looks like I will be meeting this boy in the next four weeks. I have to admit, the whole adjusted due date has me so out of sorts, I feel like I have NO IDEA when he might be here. When estimating possibilities I use this strange combination of my old due date and my new. The whole thing is just very confusing. I know no one can ever know when their baby will arrive, even when their due date is not changed, but still, the adjusted due date makes it all the more complicated to guess. I’m trying to be ready for him coming in two weeks and yet prepared that he’ll stay in there another four weeks or (god forbid) longer. Only time will tell for sure.

Meanwhile I feel very “done.” The pelvic pressure continues, though it hasn’t been as intense this week (maybe I’ve just been distracted by this hellish cold). The heartburn, on the other hand, has gotten awful and I’ve had to skip dinner entirely the last three nights for fear of waking up in the middle of the night with a raging fire in my chest. My doctor said I could take Pepcid if Tums and Mylanta weren’t working and I did that last night and I felt better than I have in days. I’m not sure if that is because of the Pepcid or just because I didn’t eat after 2pm and drank a shit ton of Mylanta over the four hours before bedtime. I still can’t pee sitting down and my stomach muscles are extremely sore–I’m actually kind of worried that I’m herniating them slowly as this baby gets bigger and bigger (the coughing, sneezing and nose blowing are DEFINITELY not helping my poor stomach muscles). Most of my maternity clothes don’t fit (thank goodness for all those maxi dresses, they are saving my ass right now at work) but I remember that happening at the end of my pregnancy with Osita as well. I know four weeks is no time at all, and I can get through this, it’s just going to be pretty darn hard. Maybe after this cold lifts I’ll feel so relieved that the following week will go by quickly. Then, hopefully, whatever is left won’t feel so bad. We shall see.

I just want this baby to come, happy and healthy, so I can stop worrying about all the what if’s and could be’s. I just want to get past this time of uncertainty and deal with whatever is coming our way.

4 responses

  1. I’m sorry, but the way you wrote the whole “big head” thing – it was like a comedy skit. And yet I know that the reality of the damage the big head can do is no joke whatsoever. So I commend you on your writing, and hope it all goes better than you expect.

    I guess the what-ifs and could-bes don’t exactly go away once baby arrives – but i suppose they change into something more manageable. I also can’t believe it is only four weeks away.

  2. hoping baby moves his big head. It IS still possible. Know good wishes are all over out here in blogland all over for you both.
    they thought my second baby had disorder due to his wide head size…but it wasn’t…just lots of brains. And delivery wasn’t harder due to his head shape and size.

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