So sick

I’m super sick tonight and so I won’t let myself get rant-y and/or panicky about how done I feel at barely 36 weeks (adjusted! I’m really only 34.5 weeks!). I’ll probably end up writing about it later this week, about how every day my anxiety about something going wrong actually INCREASES and how these last weeks are going to be really, really hard. But not today. Today I won’t even mention it. πŸ˜‰

But I will mention this cold because sweet baby bejesus it is AWFUL. My throat is on fire, my ears are aching, my sinuses feel like they’ve been laid in concrete. I feel 100 shades of awful right now. And I can’t take a damn thing, even my Throat Coat tea admonishes me to talk to my doctor before I take it. Throat spray and lozenges specifically say not to use them in my current state. And of course I can’t take anything orally. Ugh. I just want to get past these first agonizing days and into the part where I just feel generally shitty and not like I’m going to die at any moment.

In other happy news, my daughter’s complete inability to accept that I wasn’t feeling well or give me even ten minutes to rest without throwing a huge fit this evening suggests that the first days and weeks after baby boy get here will be a complete and utter shit show.

Oh, and my partner semi-lost his shit because he was so tired and had to make dinner (frozen pizza and ravioli) so yeah, I am utterly fucked.

But you know what? Bring. It. On. Because I seriously don’t have much more of being the pregnant lady in me.

I just hope I can get a few hours of sleep tonight because I have a long day at work tomorrow and I absolutely cannot take a day. Fuck you cold! You suck!!!!!

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  1. 😦 that does suck. You’re almost there, though! You can do it!

    When C was born, I felt like even though I had so much more stuff to do than before, it was easier because I had my own body to do it with.

  2. Honey and lemon in hot water is magical, and perfectly safe for pregnancy. If you can swing it, chop 1 part ginger, 1 part garlic and 1 part green onion into some chicken or beef broth (about a tbsp each to a quart of liquid) and take a hot mug into the bath. When you get out, wrap up in a warm robe and hop straight into bed, covering up with lots of blankets to keep the warmth in. It’s truly magical and can knock any cold out :).
    Hope you feel better!

  3. Ugh. I woke up this morning feeling a bit sick after just getting over a 6 day migraine. I hope that you start to feel better soon. Take some deep breaths over the next couple of weeks- everything will work out.

  4. So sorry to hear that you’re feeling crummy. Hang in there!
    And try to stick to dealing with the problems you’ve got right now rather than imagining the ones you might have in the future. I’m not so good at this myself (especially when I’m not feeling well), but it’s not so helpful to “borrow trouble.” It’s quite possible that life when the new baby comes won’t be as awful as you’re imagining. And if things are tough, you’ll deal with them (and you’ll likely not be simultaneously dealing with the discomforts of pregnancy and a cold).

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