A Comedy of Financial Errors

So I wrote all about my budgeting blunders but I never mentioned the financial fiasco I recently created for myself.

I thought I was being so clever but in the end I just created a huge mess for myself. And I keep trying to make it better and instead I make it worse.

It all started with a Visa bill I couldn’t pay. So I decided to do what I’ve done in the past: open a “0% APR on balance transfers” credit card and move my balance over so I could pay it off in 18 months without paying interest.

So I opened the balance transfer credit card and set up the transfer. It was going to take a couple of weeks but the timing was supposed to work out. On the 13th I was told my balance transfer went through and since my credit card bill wouldn’t come due until the 17th I thought my plan had gone off without a hitch.

Then, the day my credit card bill was due I got an email saying I was overdrawn over $3K. I went online to check my VISA account and saw that my credit card autopay had gone through on the 14th (not the 17th as I had thought–though it didn’t post with my bank until the 17th as it does every month so no wonder I was confused). I also saw that my balance transfer had been received on 16th, AFTER my autopay had gone through. So now I had a $2.5K credit at my credit card (as in they owe me that amount) and I owe my bank $3.5K. And I can’t move one over to help with the other. So yeah. I fucked that up royally.

Luckily the only bill left at my bank this month was my $800 to Kaiser so I went online and canceled that automatic payment and paid the bill with my credit card. Except today I find out I didn’t actually cancel the automatic payment (WTF?!?!) and it went through and now I’ve paid Kaiser twice too, just like I’ve paid my damn credit card bill twice. So now I have to pay yet another overdraft fee and that $800 amount will join the rest of my over draft amount in my bank’s VISA account which is accruing 20% interest.

I keep trying to fix my financial blunders but instead I compound the problems, double paying bills I can’t even cover in the first place.

I tried to call my bank today and get a stop put on the autopay but it’s impossible at this point. Kaiser has the money and now I’ve over paid them for a month, which I’m sure just means I don’t need to pay them next month. The whole thing isn’t that bad except I don’t have the money for it now and I won’t next month either and it would have been great to put BOTH months on my credit card since I have a giant credit there.

Anyway, I just felt I had to share all of this ridiculousness with my dear readers so you could see at what kind of deficit I’m starting all this crazy budgeting. I spent a good deal of today sobbing about how royally I fucked all this up and how much my carelessness is costing me, but now I’m trying to get over it and move forward. At the very least I’m learning a harsh lesson about staying within my budget which I suppose is exactly what I need right now. And with how much pain and anguish this has caused me I doubt I’ll forget this important lesson anytime soon.

Let’s fucking hope not.

5 responses

  1. This sounds like something I would do. Sometimes we think we’re being so clever, but we’re just making things harder on ourselves. I pay both of our CC bills and Bs is due 7 days before mine. I once paid one card twice and not the other one in one month, which is as stupid as it gets. But it happened.

    I would have cried too!

  2. Ugh it’s awful when that happens. I had a time my cable company charged me 5 times for one month and it all got auto debited and was somehow my fault so I got stuck with the overdraft fees and it took a couple months to get the money back from them. Ugh.

  3. Assume you have talked with your bank about it all. SO HUGS and now find faith things will … in time … be fixed. AND, in time, this will not be as major as it is today. AND, FORGIVE YOURSELF as you would forgive your children their errors/mistakes too.

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