Preparing for my departure

In the past week my work nightmares have continued. I’ve had three super stressful dreams about going into labor before my sub plans are ready.

Last time I didn’t have to worry about having my plans ready before my daughter came; she was born at the end of the school year and I had all summer to get my stuff together for another teacher to start off the next year. This time I need to have a basic outline of lesson plans prepared for four distinct classes, along with explanations of the basic procedures I’ve put in place. It’s a lot to do and if it’s not done before the baby comes I’ll have to get it finished in the first week at home with my son, which will be really, really hard.

I finally started my maternity leave binder yesterday. I’ve only done the most basic things, like make a lot of copies of the seating charts and grade record sheets I use. I started an outline of my Spanish 6 chapters. I’ve ordered the teacher edition and assessment program for a textbook my 7th and 8th graders are going to use (I don’t use a textbook but it’s much easier to have a sub use one than explain my system). I’ve marked down all the topics my study skills class has already learned and gotten the resource binders ready for that class. I’ve also gotten the ELD materials out from storage and have them together for the sub. It shouldn’t take too long to get the rest of the binder in place. I hope that once everything is ready I’ll feel a lot better about possibly going into labor sooner than expected. I just want the horrible dreams to stop.

Preparing to leave work really does create a lot of added stress at the end of pregnancy. I think leaving a teaching job is especially hard because you have to have so much in place for someone to take over and there isn’t really anyone else at the school who can fill them in if you don’t have the proper materials prepared. Added to the daily planning of my classes and the organizing I’m trying to do at home, it’s just about pushing me over the edge. Hopefully if I work a little bit at it every day, in a couple of weeks I’ll be done and I’ll stop having anxious dreams about leaving before I’m ready.

And…I just got an email from the woman who is supposed to be my long term sub saying she may not be available any longer. She’ll let me know on Monday. And cue super stressed out dream…

7 responses

  1. If you have to choose…. do job prep prior to son’s arrival. Home Org can wait for those 2 minute breaks from baby taken AFTER you eat and shower. For the record, for all your stressing you proved this summer you still get more done than most people in less time….. We all have faith in you.

  2. Are you responsible for finding your own long term sub? Isn’t that the district’s responsibility? There is so much that goes into teaching I wasn’t completely aware of. I don’t envy your stress. As a nurse, I can leave and most likely not one single person will notice I’m not even there. It kinda sucks knowing I’m completely replaceable, but it does relieve some stress. I hope things work out and you can de-stress a little before your baby comes! Good luck!

    • I am technically not the one responsible for finding a long term sub, my site administration is responsible for finding him/her and the district then has to approve the assignment. Unfortunately my principal is not the most effectual person and I’m the one who has to walk back into the shit storm that will be left by whoever ends up taking my spot while I’m gone, so I would love for them to find someone at least half way competent. The woman who subbed for me last time was a disaster and I’m really hoping to avoid a repeat of that experience.

  3. I hope you get lucky and get a great sub who can handle things well! It’s hard. Subbing is hard too, of course, but it sounds like you are on course to have things well organized so your sub should be ready to take over and do well. Don’t let the stress win. Keep plugging along and you will do well enough.

  4. I have sooo been there! Leaving a teaching job on maternity leave is so hard! You have so much to explain to the sub-it’s so overwhelming. At least you’ll forget about it when that beautiful baby comes!

  5. Oh my god I can totally relate to this post. I work as a child psychologist and the majority of my clients have to be transferred to other therapists. There is so much work to do to prepare for leaving and I am feeling overwhelmed as well. Not to mention my clients, I also have supervisees that I am supervising and so I have to leave them in a good place as well. I just keep telling myself that soon I’ll be on leave and then everything will be ok. I’m sure as soon as you start your leave your anxiety will ease and you will be able to focus on your baby coming. Best of luck to both of us!

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