Hitting the Wall

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for you amazing tips and advice on my budget post. I learned so much and feel so much better about moving forward with my new budget. I really can’t thank you all enough for your insight. Knowing that other people have dealt with this also really helps me to move forward. You guys–like always–are the best.

So it seems that this past weekend I kind of hit the wall, pregnancy wise. At 35 weeks, it feels WAY too early to be feeling as “far along” as I already feel. It’s not really that I feel too big, it’s just that there is incredible pressure on my pelvic bone, bladder and what feels like my cervix.

I’m having really intense Braxton Hicks contractions pretty regularly when I walk or bend down or make any movements really. They happen mostly in the evenings when I’m tired and possibly a bit dehydrated (despite attempts to drink water all day). I was having them so consistently on Friday and Saturday that I called the advice nurse. She told me basically to do the impossible: drink a ton of water and never let my bladder get full. Of course at this point the minute any amount of liquid arrives at my bladder it is officially “full”. The only way I could do what she’s asking is to sit on the toilet chugging water all day. (And even that wouldn’t quite work because at this point there is so much pressure on my bladder that I can’t empty it fully sitting down, I have to kind of crouch at the end, like I’m using a public toilet. What the fuck is that about?!)

But I have to try because dehydration exacerbates the contractions, as does the pressure of a full bladder (or bowel) on the uterus. I’ve been told to take it really easy for the next two weeks because we don’t want this baby coming before then. So no more walks or elliptical trainer. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to do much of either at 37 weeks so I guess my “staying fit” program is over.

I’m definitely feeling more “ready” for this baby to come, though obviously I don’t want him to come too soon. I had a dream on Sunday night that I was at Kaiser and they decided it was time to have the baby and basically admitted me for an induction. At first I was really excited that it was finally time but then I realized I was still five weeks from my due date and my baby wasn’t at all ready to be born and I started freaking out. I was also really stressed that I didn’t have my sub plans ready and that my long term sub wasn’t yet available (she isn’t actually available until the week before my due date, which means me nervous). I started panicking and eventually yelling at my sister that this must be a dream, but she kept assuring me it wasn’t. Finally I woke up, so thankful that I was right and that none of it was real. I hope that dream can help me remember that both me and baby boy need more time, even if my anxiety about something bad happening (and how uncomfortable I already feel) makes me want him to be here NOW.

I think mostly I’m just surprised that everything already feels so hard. The pressure of this baby on my lady bits is so intense. Moving from sitting to standing requires a 30 second “moment” for me to regroup. If I have to pee I can hardly walk. I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions pretty frequently, although it’s much better than last weekend. All of this and I’ve only gained 35 lbs and my belly isn’t even that big. When It think of how hard things will be in four weeks when I’m exponentially bigger… well it kind of sends me into a panic.

I will say, that I’m really glad I continued to exercise as long as I did. I can’t imagine how hard this would feel if I were completely out of shape (and weighing a good 10+ more pounds). I suspected a second pregnancy would be harder but I didn’t think it would be quite this challenging. I’m glad I had the time and resolve to focus on my physical health for as long as I did.

Now, though, it’s time to take it easy. I’ve started taking naps every afternoon and they are doing wonders for my ability to make it through the evening with Osita. I must admit, I feel guilty taking an hour nap every afternoon but at this point I really do need it. I’m getting such crappy sleep at night and being up on my feet most of the day teaching is tiring me out; I’m so incredibly fortunate to have the time to take a nap before I pick my daughter–I’m trying to just embrace it and not feel bad about it.

I’m also trying to do what I NEED to do, and not what I want to do. Sometimes that can be hard–hard to determine and even harder to actually manage. I don’t really like taking it easy, it’s not conducive to how much I need to get done both at work and at home, but at this point my body is telling me to slow down and I’m doing my best to listen.

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  1. Oh those last few weeks are so tough, it seemed way tougher for me the 2nd time around, with contractions and really severe pressure down there. Hang in there, is all I can say. And WTF advice is that? Drink water constantly but don’t let your bladder get full? How is that physiologically possible, unless you have a catheter or are completely incontinent and leaking constantly ???

  2. Take your naps and praise your good sense. This stage of a second pregnancy while working is simply HARD. Acknowledge this and praise yourself.
    Just like taking control of money and spending. NOT EASY. But IMPORTANT. Lots of support from your readers…. You did all that work in your backyard and you can now do these other things!
    Thank you.

  3. Make sure you do not have a urinary tract infection. Even a low grade one is very irritating to the bladder and uterus and can cause preterm labor. If you work out at a gym, is there any way you can spend some time in the pool every day or every other day? This time spent doing some slow and low impact moving will really help with that muscle tension and pressure that you are feeling in your lower pelvis and groin.

  4. I’m with you. I’ve hit multiple walls on different days, and then I get over a hump and feel okay for a bit again. Right now, i have good days and bad days. Today I felt good, I went for a four mile walk and now I am fucking exhausted and can’t move. It’s stupid to try to do too much. I totally support as many naps as you can fit in. L doesn’t nap most the time now, but I put the tv on and shut my eyes with him in my room and he at least let me rest for 30 min.

    You can do it! not much longer, only 1.5 weeks til 37 weeks right? you’re nearly there. Hopefully baby doesn’t keep you waiting much beyond that. I fear I’ll be pregnant til novemebr.

    • I may be 35 weeks now (adjusted) but I’m still going off of my original due date when I consider how early this baby might come. I doubt he’ll be here before the 12th, which is 3 weeks before my original 11/2 due date. I’m actually confused about the whole adjusted due date; just because he was really big really early on doesn’t mean his lungs are mature enough for him to be born three weeks before my new due date, right? (I KNOW when he was conceived and he should be due in November, so I’m sticking with that one and assuming he’s just a big baby, because we tend to make big babies) 🙂 When I asked my OBGYN about it she seemed confused and kept assuring me he’d come out when he was ready. We shall see. I’m trying to be ready for 10/12ish but assuming it will be later. I just met a woman at yoga whose first was born at 37 weeks and whose second was born at 41 weeks so you never know… I also have a cousin whose first was born at 41 weeks and second was born at 36.5 weeks, so again, you never know…

  5. I concur on getting checked for a UTI at your next OB visit just in case. My first was born at almost 42 weeks and second was born just shy of 36 weeks (the sneaker) so you never know what babies have planned for their birthdays. Drinking water is important but sheesh. How can you possibly manage to drink water continuously and not have a full bladder? Bah. Relax as much as you can!

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