Couples Pre-Natal Yoga

Our couples pre-natal yoga class today was really nice. It was awesome, actually. And we both thought so.

Mi.Vida appreciated that it focused on the two us and our relationship. And that the final end game of pregnancy was to deliver a healthy baby.

I loved the emphasis on touch. I felt so good for Mi.Vida to just touch me, I actually cried a few times.

About half the class was yoga and half the class was guided massage. MV has never done yoga before and is not great with massage (he hates to get them and so has no idea how to give them) so I know it was out of his comfort zone. But he was a great sport and did a fantastic job.

In a lot of ways it was a birth partners training course. It was really nice to have the time to work together to see what I might need during labor and what MV might be able to provide. I think he understands finally that he’ll have to do a lot more this time, since we don’t have a doula. But I also thinks he feels like he has more tools in his belt to help me, and so he feels more competent and up to the task.

I’m so glad we went because we have nothing else scheduled to help us prepare, as a couple, for labor. I’m also happy that MV has some things he can do to help support me in the coming weeks, things that have very little to do with my big belly and everything to do with easing my general discomfort. I hope we connect using these techniques at least once a week for the next month and a half.

The most surprising thing was this evening, as we watched TV, Mi.Vida put his hand on my belly and just left it there for the longest time. I assured him he didn’t need to do that if it made him uncomfortable and he said that he felt he needed to start bonding with this baby now. He didn’t want to wait any longer.

All in all the class was DEFINITELY worth the $70 we spent and I’m SOOOOOO glad we went. Even if we never use the techniques again, the connection we felt today was amazing and will carry me through the next six weeks… And hopefully beyond.

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  1. Oh I’m so glad!! Maybe he needed the “experiential” experience, rather than being able to express his feelings and work through it verbally. So glad it was such an important experience for the two of you.

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