Epic regret

You may or may not have heard that Ruth Bade Ginsberg is officiating a same sex wedding this weekend in DC, at the Kennedy Center. It’s been on the news.

This is the wedding I was invited to, but didn’t attend because of financial constraints.

I have been throwing myself a pretty dramatic pity party all morning, washing the whole thing down with an epic portion of regret.

It fucking sucks to miss an incredible moment because you couldn’t afford it. And the reality is, we really couldn’t afford it. And yet, I have so much regret for not going.

This sucks.

I know, first world problems, I will promptly get over myself, or at least I’ll manage to after this weekend.

Have you ever had to miss something you really wanted to do because of money?

6 responses

  1. Ugh, I’m sorry- this really, really sucks. It does, and anyone would be feeling crappy in your position. Right now, I really, really want to hire this awesome music therapist I found for Grayson. But she’s $400/month, and insurance won’t pay for it. I should be grateful because all his other therapies and medical bills are paid for, but I’m just mad we can’t afford it. MV better have taken lots of pictures at that wedding! Again, so sorry.

  2. Oh yeah. The first example that sprang to mind was my school trip. Every year, our school organized a trip for spring break… one year it was Italy, one year it was Egypt and the year I was in Grade 12 it was Russia. I never got to go, but I really wanted to go to Russia. It was 1979, during the Cold War — NOBODY went to Russia back then. It just seemed like such a cool opportunity. But it was $1000 — a fortune back then, especially when I was off to university that fall. My mother has often said she wished they could have afforded to send me. It was a very small group, maybe about a dozen kids who went in all, but they came back with some great stories. (Pepsi, $7 a bottle, vodka, $2, lol.)

    Sorry you weren’t able to go. I hope MV took pictures. 😉

  3. Bummer. Sorry to hear about your epic regret. Andrew and I have only taken one out-of-state vacation in our six years of marriage (besides our honeymoon). I always wish that we were able to do more of that stuff. We even have a vacation fund but we keep having to empty it for “more important” stuff.

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