So, there are a few details to discuss. Some about my personal life (and I’d love your advice, which is why I’m bringing them up at all) and some about my blog. I bet you’re super excited at this point, just dying from the anticipation.

The first is about my maternity leave. So far I’ve been telling everyone that I’m just “working until the baby comes.” Then I say I’ll probably be gone by mid-late October. But now I’m starting to wonder if I should set a maternity leave start date and stop coming to work then, even if the baby hasn’t made his appearance yet.

Isa was due a week after school was out so I never thought I’d have to take maternity leave that school year. Of course she came almost two weeks early and I missed the last week of school.

Baby boy is due October 22, but really he was due November 2. Even if they hadn’t officially changed my due date, I suppose I would have been expecting him around October 22 anyway, but their confidence that he’ll come early has made me super confident that he will as well.

And yet, there’s every chance he could come on (or after) his original due date, almost a full two weeks after the earlier one.

I don’t want to miss two weeks of time with him because I went on maternity leave assuming he’d arrive at one time, only to find out that wasn’t the case at all. I only have three months with him, losing two weeks of that would be devastating.

And yet… it would be nice to have a secured date it mind, to KNOW that October 18th (the Friday before my Tuesday due date) would be my last day. It would make it easier to have sub plans ready, and easier to have a sub lined up and ready to go (they still haven’t even started looking for one, let alone found one).

So I’m not sure what to do. What do you wise women suggest? This is the first time I’m dealing with this kind of thing and I’m just totally clueless about how to proceed.

The second order of business is a little warning that in the very near future I will be changing my children’s names on this blog. Every mention of Isa’s name (even that one right there) will be changed to Osita (that means Little Bear in Spanish) and Teo’s name will be changed to Monito (Little Monkey). While I knew Isa was a unique name, I didn’t feel using it made my blog searchable. With Teo also being unique, I fear using both of them will make my blog easy to find, so I’m going to use a Search and Replace plug in to change Isa’s name EVERYWHERE in my blog, even the comments. Teo’s name, though used much less, will be changed too. I’ll also ask you to please use their “new names” in the comment section of new posts (I’m sorry to invent new names here, I would use their initials as I find that much easier but using “I” as an initial seems WAY too confusing so I’m being forced to come up with monikers. Very annoying). Thanks for helping me out on this. I’m sorry if the change causes confusion.

**UPDATE: It turns out the plugin I hoped to use is for wordpress.org blogs. If anyone knows of something I can use for wordpress.com blogs, I’d be forever in your debt. Otherwise it looks like I’ll be manually find and replacing Isa’s name in over 800 posts. I honestly might have to shut my blog down and start somewhere else. 😦

I hope you all have a great long weekend. Mi.Vida is away at a wedding I couldn’t afford to attend–it’s going to be so fun too! I’m so bummed I couldn’t go–and Isa and I will be hanging out with friends and family. I’m sure we’ll have a good time, though I’ll miss my man tons.

7 responses

  1. I’ve often wondered why you use real names for your kids but not for you and MV. I want to start using more interesting names for my family. But I can’t come up with a good one for K.

    As for maternity leave, with J my boss planned a 2-week overlap with my replacement, and I was going to work until the Friday before my due date. We ended up with only a 1-week overlap, which was fine. With C being a month early, nothing was in place at all and I had meetings scheduled that I just had to miss. That was okay, too, though.

  2. It would drive me nuts to sit home for weeks if little man decided to come later than the docs are guessing (b/c that’s really all it is – a guess!) and i have a feeling it will make the last month of your pregnancy harder than necessary if he comes later instead of sooner. And like you said, then you’d regret all the time you spent home with him in your belly instead of your arms. I’d work as long as possible if it was me (barring bad swelling or something where it’s worth it to be home and off your feet).

  3. I would work as long as you can and are able to relatively comfortably.

    I will miss seeing your kids’ real names (because they are so unique and beautiful) but totally understand your reason behind changing them in your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Ahh, we call our daughter Osita. She even writes it as her name on her kindergarten school work sometimes 🙂 Good choice and a good idea to give them blogging names, I think.

    I would work up until the end. You want as much time with him as possible.

  5. It’s so unhelpful of babies not to be able to schedule their birth dates! As much as I think scheduled inductions/C-sections aren’t the best plan without medical necessity, this kind of thing makes me understand why people might go that route. It’s really hard to not be able to make concrete plans!

    I agree with the folks above that you should plan to work as late as you can, even if it makes things more complicated for your school. They’ll manage okay however it happens. And it seems more important for you to be bale to make the best use of your limited leave–which would not be sitting around waiting for your baby to arrive.

    I love the blog names, and certainly get why you’d want to switch to them. Good luck figuring out how to do that!

  6. I’m not sure how your maternity leave works, but for me, I only have vacation time and sick time that I can take off…so I hope to work basically up to my c-section date so that I have as much time with the baby afterwards as possible!

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