4 years, almost 1100 posts


Today is my four year blogoversary. I’m just shy (less than ten posts) of publishing 1100 posts. I’ve said a lot in these past four years. I wonder if I’ll say a lot more in the four years to come.

I took a few minutes last night to revisit my last three blogoversaries. I wanted to see if I ever did anything especially interesting, but it seems this day always passes with little fan fare. I make a way bigger deal of hitting a certain number of posts; I must appreciate the quantity of my words more than how long I’ve been writing them. (You’d think the fact that my posts average of 1000+ word would have taught me that already.)

So I suppose I shouldn’t be that disappointed that I’m not doing much today, except recognizing the significance of this particular date.

I will comment on an interesting fact: almost every August I have undergone a bit of a blogging crisis and I’ve taken breaks three out of the four Augusts of my blogging career. A weird coincidence? Or does it take me about 11 months to burn out on the whole blogging thing for a bit? Or maybe I subconsciously realize an important anniversary is coming up and subconsciously decide that freaking the fuck out is the best way to respond to the situation. Who knows?

I will say this is also the time I generally reconsider sharing my life via my blog. Most years, around this time, I write a couple posts about whether I should keep writing, whether my experience is relevant, whether my voice is articulate enough to be heard. I will say that this year I feel quite confident that I’ll be around to celebrate half a decade of Stumbling Gracefully next year, though I’m sure I’ll be doubting whether I fit in if I really do have a ten month old son and am officially done building my family. I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Right now I can say that life is pretty damn good. I guess now I have to tackle the challenges of making a blog interesting when life is going the way you’d always hoped, when you’re dreams are not out of reach but actually coming true. Maybe the gritty reality of your dreams coming true, what that honestly feels like, is fodder enough for another year of blogging. We shall see.

If that is the case, I’m sure I’ll still be writing not just next year, but ten years from now. I honestly can’t see myself ever stopping.

So to end this post, I turn to you my readers, asking you to share a little bit about your own blogging journey.

How long have you been blogging now? Do you expect you’ll still be writing a year from now? Ten years from now?

10 responses

  1. I’ve been blogging since October 2012. I don’t know if I’ll be writing one year from now. In one year, I hope I’m in your shoes, expecting the final member of our family. I hope that I keep writing, since I started my blog for me, as a place to devote to me and to no one else. I hope that in the months and years to come I’m able to continue finding time to do things for me.

  2. Happy Blogoversary! It’s mine too, I think- I think we have the same one. I need to check. I think next year yes, your life will be very different, but I know you will still have an audience and be quite relevant. I hope you are still writing 5 decades from now 🙂

  3. Happy blogoversary!! I started blogging in December 2011, and I hope to continue for many years to come, although I’m sure the subject matter will change again and again. Looking forward to the next four, five, ten years of your blog posts!

  4. Happy blogoversary to you! That is an impressive amount of words you’ve shared! My 2 year blogoversary is coming up in September. I missed last year. I’ll write as long as I feel like writing…which I think will definitely be the next couple of years. I’m in the phase you are about to come into…”the gritty reality of dreams coming true…” and there is definitely a LOT of blog fodder in that grit. I describe it as my “growing pains” as I come into my true adulthood, and it does hurt and keep me up at night.

  5. I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now. I started on myspace, there was such a community there, I’m so grateful I discovered it before it all went crazy sauce. I assume I’ll be blogging in a year, 10 years? No clue. But I’m grateful to be doing it (ever so occasionally) now, and happy to read your words. Happy bloggoversary!!

  6. Happy blogoversary, and congratulations, not only for the impressive quantity but also the quality of your posts! I am coming up to 6 years this fall myself. Never say never…

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