Wordless Wednesday: Holy Sh!t, We Did It

After three trips to Home Depot (my large sedan can only hold 860lbs, don’t ya know)…

…twenty 50lb bags of paver base…

…twelve 60lb bags of sand…

…seven cut outs and lots of moving them around to find the perfect configuration…

…two incredibly supportive, helpful and hardworking parents…

…6.5 hours…

…and an incredible amount of hard work (so much digging, so much dragging, so much pounding with the tamper, so much heavy lifting)…

…these seven 150-200 lb rocks have been placed in my backyard.


I still can’t really believe we did it.

6 responses

  1. That looks totally amazing! You put in a ton of work, with a kid and a pregnancy, and it looks so, so good! Congrats on finishing!

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