10 in 12

So I was mistaken the other day when I said I was 29 weeks pregnant. I’m actually just barely 28 weeks pregnant, which means we have 12 more weeks until this baby is supposed to make an appearance (and I doubt he’ll come much earlier than that, as the new EDD is a full two weeks before he was originally due).

In that 12 weeks I really want Mi.Vida and I to make each other a priority. Actually, I want us to make our relationship a priority. My goal is for us to do at least 10 things together (just the two of us) in the 12 weeks before the baby comes. We are so fortunate to have grandparents near by who can watch Isa for us, making this goal somewhat attainable.

Right now I don’t have any idea what we should actually do for these ten “dates” but I do think we should schedule the babysitting times (at least have an idea of when we want them to happen) so that we don’t get close to our EDD and realize their aren’t enough weekend days left to get in whatever we haven’t done yet.

There is a wedding in two weekends, so that is one of them. And I’d like to see a football game at our alma mater in August or September. I know Mi.Vida likes concerts a lot and if we could sit down, I’d be game for one or two. I’m a big fan of seeing movies in the theater so I hope to spring for a few of those. I suppose the rest will just be dinners out, maybe a brunch here or there.

I remember after Isa was born realizing how hard it was for us to get away, together, just the two of us. I wished we’d made a bigger effort to do some of our favorite things before the baby was born. Similarly, I’m sure the first months of Teo’s life will bring the kind of chaos that doesn’t make for much getting away. Also, I doubt either of our parents will feel comfortable (and neither, probably, will I) taking both of them for at least 3-6 months (especially not while I’m breastfeeding). So again, I want us to really take some time to reconnect and strengthen our relationship before this baby comes and rips it all to shreds. 😉

This Friday my in-laws are picking Isa up from school because my SIL is in town briefly before she starts her new teaching-abroad job and I’m hoping I can finagle a quick dinner out for the two of us. That would be the inaugural 10 in 12 date! I’ll let you know how this little project goes!

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  1. Great idea! My husband and I did this before our second was born in May. Our first is just 17 months older so we knew we wouldn’t have much opportunity after our daughter arrived. We did something together once a week for the last 16 weeks or so of my pregnancy, even if it was just errands for the new baby and coffee afterwards. I’m so glad we did. Worth every penny spent on the babysitter. And now with baby two we know this stage passes quickly and we will be able to go out together in another 6-9 months.

  2. I’m on a reconnect kick over here with C too! We probably won’t get that many dates in, but I’m thinking like 5-6 is a good goal. I need to email my MIL and see what days work out, because if we don’t get it on the calendar we won’t do it. We have a wedding too, so one is that, but I want to do some other date nights too.

    Top of my date ideas:
    -Movie night
    -fancy dinner out
    -mini-golf / putt putt

    I got to get this setup, or it’s not going to happen. And I’ll wake up in February a weary woman who hasn’t talked to her husband in ages.

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