So What Wednesday: Yeah, This Shit Happened

Remember So What Wednesdays? Me neither! It’s been hella long. But today, I’m bringing them back, because, well, you’ll see.

So what if I picked up daughter at 5:30pm today, even though I didn’t have work.

So what if I fed her white pasta with butter and salt for dinner.

So what if she ate said pasta while watching My Little Pony’s.

So what if I actually used the My Little Pony’s program to GET her to eat the pasta (yes, the pause button was used).

So what if we watched THREE FULL episodes of My Little Pony’s.

So what if rewarded my daughter for pooping in the potty by herself (while I was doing laundry in garage), mostly because the idea of cleaning up the poop I found in that potty made my skin crawl.

So what if the reward was chocolate ice cream.

So what if my in-laws came over and were clearly horrified by how messy my house is at the moment (read: always).

So what if my mother-in-law wanted nothing more than to clean up my house while I wanted nothing more than to run away from the mess forever.

So what if I let my kid watch TV while feeding her processed starchy food, all while our house festered around us, on a day I didn’t even have to work, but had childcare.

So what if all this embarrasses me immensely.

So what?

What are you saying So What? about these days?

6 responses

  1. Hahahaha. I feel you on the food thing!

    For me: so what if I instead of walking the dog, I collapsed on the couch and turned on the tv? So what if I let X watch tv just so I could rest? So what if a skinny girl marg was calling my name and I indulged in a little glass? So what if I didn’t finish the laundry? (All yesterday between 5 pm and 9pm btw)

  2. My daughter is watching My Little Pony as I type this. On an iPad. In her room. While my son plays Angry Birds on a different iPad. In his room.

    So so bad.

    So what. 😉

  3. My 4 year old this month still refuses to eat veggies that aren’t “smashed”. Read: baby food. I buy my kid puréed spinach yo. I’m embarrassed too. You’re a good mom. (I’d want to clean your house too, I go my friend’s house and I daydream about cleaning it. I don’t judge, I just know I could make it’s inner cleanness shine. It would be AWESOME. I might be a little nutso.)

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