Getting Ready

As far as my OB is concerned, I’m 27.5 weeks pregnant (and this baby is still measuring in the 99th percentile). That means next week I’m technically in the third trimester and I need to start getting ready for this baby to come.

And I guess, that is what I’m doing.

{I can’t believe I only have two more prenatal visits left–the RhoGAM shot because I’m RH negative at 32 weeks and the final ultrasound at 36 weeks–and then this baby is supposed to be here. How did happen?! Oh, and I passed my GD test with flying colors, but found out I’m anemic, so now I’m taking nasty tasting iron drink swallows twice daily, along with my chelated magnesium/calcium supplements to help my constant leg cramps.}

This week I not only got a list of the classes Kaiser offers but I signed Mi.Vida and I up for a refresher birth class and registered Isa for the sibling class (I remember attending a sibling class before my sister was born–of course I was also seven years old at the time and have vivid memories of the toddlers in the class smacking their play babies heads against the table until their round noggins popped right off of their poor plastic bodies). I don’t know if Isa will gain anything from the class but it’s free and I figured it was worth the two hour commitment.

I also got her a few books on becoming/being a big sister. We read the first one tonight. She seemed interested and kept talking about how the baby in the book was like “baby brother.” We stopped on each page and talked about how our baby would cry sometimes, and how he wouldn’t be able to play with her for a while and how she could help us change his diaper and give him a bath. I hope that reading books like this for the next few months will help prepare her in some small way for what life will look like after Teo comes.

Mi.Vida is starting to join in our bedtime routine a couple of times a week so that in a month or so he can take over a couple of times a week, even though I’m still in the house (he does bedtime perfectly fine when Isa knows I’m away, but when I’m home she demands assumes that I will do it).

I even ordered a used copy of the full Hypnobabies course, which may seem counterintuitive after my last post about wanting an epidural, but the thing is, I’m kind of worried I won’t have the chance to get one. I know of three women who wanted epidurals for their second births (as they’d had great experiences with them for their first births) and none of them got to the hospital in time. We are planning on having Teo at the Kaiser that is close to my parents’ house (where Isa was born) because they have a midwife program and it is 30 minutes away. I worry that by the time we get Isa at my parents’ house and get down to the hospital I will have missed my chance to get an epidural and I want to have some tools for managing labor pains on my own. We won’t have a doula this time either so I feel like I’m going to be pretty much on my own and I want to feel prepared. Also, I have a feeling I’m harboring some unresolved feelings about birth and I hope this program will help me work through them, either consciously or subconsciously. The last thing I want to do is a have a panic attack in front of my daughter when the time comes.

So yeah, I’m starting to get ready. Slowly but surely I’m taking steps to prepare for the arrival of this baby boy who makes is presence known constantly. The one thing he never lets me do is forget he’s there, which helps remind me that he’s actually coming eventually and we–our whole family–need to be at least somewhat ready.

{I have to admit, it’s been REALLY nice not having to worry about stuff this time around. Buying things during my first pregnancy caused me a lot of anxiety–the thought of dealing with all the baby gear if she didn’t arrive safely was more than I could bear. Knowing that I we already have everything we need this time around is such a relief. We probably won’t get anything out besides the co-sleeper ahead of time, and we’ll mainly get that out so Isa can get used to it and we can show her were Teo is going to sleep. Otherwise I know we don’t really need anything else in the first weeks so I won’t unpack much. I’ll just do one load of baby laundry (we have plenty of gender neutral clothes plust a bunch of boy stuff from my  cousin) and buy some 0-3 diapers and call it a day this time. I really appreciate having one less thing to cause anxiety this time around, it’s nice.}

7 responses

  1. It sounds like you’re in good shape. I did very little preparing for C, and of course when she arrived early I was screwed. I did talk to J about being a big brother, but then things didn’t turn out the way we’d talked about (when she was in the NICU) and that confused him. He had no sense of time and didn’t realize she was premature, so he didn’t know why it wasn’t happening the way we said. He’s recovered, though.

    Also, really good idea about having MV help with bedtime a few times a week now.. I was stressed about that, too, but it turned out that amidst the chaos of a new baby, it was nice to have some “Mommy and J time” when I put him to bed each night. Either C is already asleep or K hangs out with her while I do bedtime, and that seems to work.

  2. I can’t believe you only have 2 visits left…I have like 50 it seems. Third trimester is really right around the corner….I’m starting to get “ready” myself, but no where near as close to being ready as you seem to be….I really should take a hint and start getting things moving….

  3. You’re entering the final stretch already – crazy!! This reminds me I need to find some good big sister books for Stella. Would you do a review of the ones you’ve found thus far?

  4. It’s so much easier the second time around. I literally had nothing to buy since both of my kids are boys.

    This pregnancy has flown by! I’m excited for you!

  5. i cannot believe i’m third trimester already, it’s crazy! I feel so prepared and like I’ll never be prepared all at the same time. We have been reading a lot of books and talking about baby sister to L, I just wonder how much he gets of it. we will see in a few short months!

  6. I’m sorry – I laughed at the thought of those toddlers at your sibling class (I never knew these even existed) knocking the “round noggins” off the “play plastic babies.” I can only imagine what you thought at 7, let alone the parents watching them!

    On other matters, sounds like you are getting well organised. Which is lovely.

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