Some (Super) Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

I love this community and all the ways it challenges, supports and educates me. Truly, you all are awesome.

Ants suck. And are really hard to kill. (And are going to inherit the earth).

My parents-in-law are amazing. (They are taking Isa tomorrow morning so I can go to yoga (MV is still not around) and Monday morning so I can go to my OB appointment (it’s the one with the GD lab test so it will take a while, so I stupidly scheduled it on one of the two days that week when Isa wouldn’t be at school).

I like TJ’s Pumpkin Pancake mix WAY better than their Buttermilk Pancake mix (although the latter is admittedly easier to flip) and I so wish the Pumpkin stuff was available year round.

I love the way my daughter asks for syriup with her pancakes and I’m never going to correct her.

I would most assuredly be a really horrible (or at least really unhappy, completely TV-dependent) stay-at-home mom.

Liz Lange maternity dresses (especially those of the maxi variety) are the best thing ever and I’m totally addicted to them.

Having full length closet space would be really, really helpful.

My mom is awesome. (She bought me an electric tiller to do the middle square of the backyard!!! EEK!)

The satisfaction earned from completing a project is directly proportional to how long I procrastinated in doing said project. (Yes, I did finally make that filing cabinet from IKEA that I bought in October of last year, thanks for asking.)

I am constantly in awe of how well (and for how long) my now three year old daughter can play by herself. It almost (almost!) makes up for the intensity and duration of her three year old meltdowns.

It turns out potty training doesn’t have to be that bad–I’m both SO GLAD I waited and SO GLAD it’s over. (More on this later).

Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie books are wonderful.

Homeowners insurance is expensive.

Did I mention the ants? Because they are everywhere.

When my daughter “helps” me in the yard it makes me heart sing.

I heart smoothies. With frozen spinach or kale. Also I owe my daughter’s life to Greek yogurt.

My hips hurt a lot, and I have a feeling they are only going to hurt more and more in the next three months.

A sunny Saturday morning (especially in these fogged in parts) can do a lot for someone’s soul.

*  *  *  *  *

This post brought to you by the time in-between flipping pancakes, my partner being away today and my daughter’s obsession with her bazillion My Little Ponies (and her newfound ability to play with them by herself).

(And sure, I could have been cleaning my kitchen in-between flipping pancakes, but where’s the fun in that?)


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    • It seems that generally people feel that caring for the second baby is easier. But that managing both children together is much harder. Especially when one parent is alone with both children together. Most moms don’t seem to feel comfortable leaving the house with both children, until six months or maybe even a year after the second arrives.

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