Project Dreamcatcher: Goals Revisited

After two weeks of working on Project Dreamcatcher: Operation Reclaim Our Backyard it became clear that I needed to re-visit my weekly goals. First of all I added the back stretch, and that quickly became a disaster. Second of all I can’t find anyone who wants to help me with the middle square, which means I have to do it myself. Third of all, extra work is presenting itself quite frequently. I finally checked the district calendar and have my official first work day marked, which is Wednesday, August 21. Isa is home the whole week before that so that means I have only about five, maybe six weeks left to work on the back yard (I’m assuming I can get a few days worth of work done that week Isa is off, my mom will probably take her for me, plus I have a few days the week I go back to work). That isn’t much time. In fact, it’s not enough time, which means I have to abandon some goals or keep them and then be disappointed when I don’t achieve them. Blerg.

So, this is what I’m trying to do in the next five to six weeks.

WEEKS 1-2 (June 16-29)

Clear, amend soil and plant the left side and half of back. CHECK!

WEEKS 3-4 (July 7-20)

1. Buy lavender bushes, ground cover, plant compost and mini-mulch.

2. Clear the rocks from the rest of the back stretch.

3. Amend the soil in the back stretch.

4. Plant lavender bushes and tree from mom in the back stretch.

5. Clear grass from right side stretch.

6. Cut down–and dig up roots–of rose bush.

7. Amend soil on the right side stretch.

8. Plant ground cover on the right side stretch.

9. Cover spaces between ground cover with wet newspaper and mulch on the left side.

10. Cover spaces between ground cover with wet newspaper and much on the right side.

WEEKS 5-6 (July 21 – August 3)

1. Get massive pile of debris from back stretch hauled away (How will I do this?!)

2. Find and buy stepping stones.

3. Order miniature stonecrop.

4. Clear grass from square.

5. Amend soil in square.

6. Place stepping stones.

7. Plant miniature stonecrop.

8. Cover soil between plants with newspaper and mulch.

Weeks 7-8+ (August 4-20)

1. Finish the middle square (I highly doubt I can get that done in two weeks).

2. Measure stairs for lattice work.

3. Buy lattice work pieces for stairs.

4. Hammer lattice work to stairs.

5. Get old picnic table out of the backyard and picked up.

6. Get a new picnic table for the backyard.

7. Set up new picnic table.

8. Get ALL the bags out of the backyard and picked up.


2 responses

  1. Honey! You need to hire some of this done. Your son requires you to take care of your back and body. Your daughter AND YOU need time to play together (see Backwoods Mom on this point). Do not set yourself up for failure by not considering some hired help for the lift, tote and disposal work. And given what you are finding hidden underground and what it weighs you should consider the cost benefit side of hiring the digging out of junk. I am worried about your body and back and health…. and about you not having enough time for pure joy. At 70 I can promise you the time for pure joy is waaaay important right now for you and your children and your husband and marriage. Be kind to yourself.

  2. I’m the instigator of this project so I feel like I need to step in and respond to the comment above. I am sure E knows her limits, physically, with her pregnancy, financially and time-wise. She knows there is no pressure if she doesn’t finish her garden or abandons ship. I think hiring help is a great idea. And/Or asking her BFFs over to haul some concrete. Right E? 😉 Or just relaxing the rest of the summer. Whatever works best!

    But: the reason I started Project Dreamcatcher was because I was noticing over and over on the hundreds of blogs I follow and with my IRL friends a common theme: women putting themselves perpetually last, unable to even spend a few minutes or an hour pursuing something other than caregiving and work. There is nothing wrong with a woman feeding her soul by working on a project. On the contrary, I think doing this can make a woman feel more alive, more accomplished and more ready and happy to engage in their family life. A more balanced woman is a happier woman.

    Bottom line: I tend to flinch at comments like this that imply that if you don’t spend all your time tending to your husband and children, you are not doing it right.

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