Monday Snapshot: The 2nd Generation

The little one’s mama and I were very close cousins growing up. It makes my heart sing to see our daughters having so much fun together.



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  1. 🙂 Love this.

    One thing I’m rather sad about is that none of my siblings are close to having kids, so my children won’t have cousins close in age on my side at least. *sigh*

    • My sister, fertile beast that she is, had her third baby 5 months after Molly. it has been such a healing experience sharing this parenting journey together. Then my SIL just had another baby girl a month ago. I was so worried Molly would have no one and now she has two girl cousins to hang out with for the rest of her life. Tell ’em to get a move on!

    • My siblings are all done having kids and were before I even started… cousins near my kids age either. Same on my hubs’s side…I feel bad for my kids, but IF messed that all up!

  2. How sweet! I had an very, very close cousin growing up. We were only six months apart and did EVERYTHING together. Over the past five years, we have really drifted apart and our lives have followed very different paths. I would have loved to have been able to parent alongside one another…but I suppose you never know what might happen and what direction life might take. Maybe we’ll reconnect.

  3. I have a cousin like that. Our dads were first cousins and “like brothers.” She and I are a year apart and were fairly close growing up. Now our sons are the same age and though they don’t see each other often, they get along well. It’s so cool!

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