So… I might be a little obsessed with my Fitbit. I LOVE seeing how much I’ve walked every day (and I can’t stand when I leave it at home). I feel proud when I see a screen like this before bed.


And realizing that I haven’t walked hardly at all will influence how I spend the rest of an afternoon. Last Sunday, at 5:30pm, my Fitbit informed me that I’d barely taken 4,000 steps all day. Half an hour later Isa and I were at the park. Sure we were the only ones there because it was dinner time on a Sunday but we still had a blast. And by the time we had walked home I had over 12,000 steps.

The Fitbit definitely helps me to make healthy choices about movement. Unfortunately, I worry my confidence in this department is causing me be more lax about what I eat. After about a week (okay, 3-4 days) I stopped tracking my calories in MyFitnessPal. I felt like those few short days had made me more aware of the choices I was making and that I didn’t need to painstakingly log everything that was passing my lips. But I’m sure that now, two weeks later, I’m allowing more unnecessary snacks to be consumed than I would be if I were tracking them. It’s a lot easier to sneak four Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares if I don’t have to write down how many calories they added to my daily amount. I think I’ll start tracking calories again and find a way to sync my Fitbit account to MyFitnessPal (I’m sure it’s simple enough, I just haven’t looked into it yet).

The reality is that for me, exercise does very little to maintain my weight. I was at one of my heavier weights when I trained for my marathon and somehow, despite logging insane milage every week, I didn’t lose a single pound. I weighed more running that marathon than I did four years later when I wasn’t exercising at all. So I KNOW that what I eat is more important (to help curb weight gain) than exercise, and I need to be better about watching my calorie intake. I did manage to only gain five pounds in the four weeks between my last two OB visits, so that is not too far off my goal of a pound a week, but I’d love to slow down that weight gain even more. I’m happy to be exercising because I like how I feel when I move my body, but I also want to keep my overall weight gain for this pregnancy at 45 pounds instead of 60, so I need to start counting calories again.

I’m also allowing myself to get obsessed with other, more trivial things. I purchased a memory foam mattress coupon and now I’m obsessing over this intricate exchanging of beds between my mother and I and whether we should move Isa into a regular twin now just to make things easier or wait (it’s seriously so boring I will spare you the mundane details). And then there is the matter of the ground cover for our yard, which I spent a week picking out (it had to the be the perfect combination of drought resistant, able to withstand heavy foot traffic–including kids and dogs–and pleasing to the eye) and now I can’t find anywhere. I’m going to be so frustrated if I have to just pick something because it’s available near me; the whole thing has positively exasperated.

I have literally been spending hours each night mulling over these stupid decisions, and then, every once in a while, my Little Man will give me a kick to remind me of my priorities. Already I have to thank my son for reminding me of what is truly important in life, because nothing shakes me out of a obsessive funk like a gentle (or not so gentle) kick from my Regalito.

What are you obsessing over these days? What reminds you of what is most important?Β 

11 responses

  1. I’m obsessed with My Fitness Pal. I’ve lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. That thing really works. Sadly, it does make me feel like I am starving because I run out of calories and have to stop eating. But that’s the point.

  2. I just downloaded that app first thing this morning (After having not really stepped on a scale in six months) another big mistake. I’ve tried tallying a number of times and in fact used to this incessantly in my own head. It’s all about balance for me because it can easily tip into disorder but I clearly need to be aware of my calories because I am not controlling my weight at all and have been dealing with my emotions through eating…

    I have been thinking about getting a fit bit and now that I hear your review I just may do it.

  3. Losing weight (or gaining weight sensibly during pregnancy) is about 90% food / 10% movement for me. When I got my FitBit last summer, I actually started gaining weight b/c I quit tracking food and WAY overestimated how many cals my steps were burning. Once I linked the two accts (which yes – super easy) AND allowed negative adjustments, I actually started seeing results again. Basically, if I’m not moving enough, it negatively adjusts my allotted calls on MFP and that is a huge incentive to move more if I want that bowl of ice cream of whatever. πŸ™‚

  4. I have a FitBit! I am always in last place with my superactive sisters. I was going to friend you on FitBit but you have about 3x my steps today and I don’t need another person to show me up πŸ˜‰


    (Tomorrow I’ll do Zumba — 6K steps by 11 am, baby!)

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  6. I get obsessed over stupid little things all the time. Like seriously stalled in a store trying to pick a lipstick or moisturizer. Congrats on all your steps! I have to do MFP too or the weight just creeps on.

  7. I’ve just recently heard about FitBit (where have I been?) and am intrigued. I really want to start getting back into shape and taking better care of myself- maybe I should get one!

  8. I am obsessed too. And I also burned out on entering my food quickly. It’s so time-intensive unless you’re eating something that’s already in the system (i.e. processed). I do love looking at my steps and even my sleep tracker though. (Feel free to add me if you want, by the way!)

  9. Im definitely coming back here for inspiration once I can really push my body again after treatments! FitBit sounds like a promising addition to that routine

  10. One of the reasons (okay, the main reason) I signed up for a marathon in college was that I thought it was a sure-fire way to lose weight. Like you, I was so wrong about that! Food is my toughest thing in the weight equation, so I hear ya.

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