Project Dreamcatcher: Outlining My Steps to Success

It’s time for some more Project Dreamcatcher! Today I define my steps toward success!

So I have this massive backyard project waiting for me and I REALLY want to get this thing done this summer. My new goal is to have a “garden party” celebrating our new backyard sometime in August. There are only two weekends that work for us so hopefully I can have the space finished by then. Here are the specific steps I’m focusing on this summer.

(A HUGE thank you to my parents who removed those horrendous weeds from our backyard last week so we could eat outside for Isa’s party. One of my five goals is already finished because of you!)

WEEK 1 (June 16-22)

1. Buy grub hoe, good gardening gloves and a hose.

2. Pull out both side lawns plus the rose (????) bush.

3. Prepare space for new soil and plants.

4. Get recommendations for what drought resistant plants to put on the side yard spaces.

5. Choose drought resistant ground cover for main lawn and order enough for 325 sq ft. (if necessary).

WEEK 2 (June 23-29)

1. Buy plants for side yard.

2. Put in soil and plant at least 5 new plants on each side.

Week 3 (June 30-July 6)

Take a break while we’re in St. Louis AND remind Mi.Vida to water my new plants!

WEEK 4 (July 7-13)

1. Pull out main lawn.

2. Prepare soil.

3. Plant drought resistant ground cover.

WEEK 5 (July 14-20)

1. Measure stairs.

2. Choose and buy latice work.

3. Secure lattice work to stairs.

WEEK 6 (July 21-27)

1. Pull up grass/weeds of back strip.

2. Take apart crappy picnic table and haul to dump.

WEEK 7 (July 28-August 3)

1. Get new table and chairs.

2. Buy potted Japanese maple.

4 responses

  1. Dude!!! This is totally impressive!

    The garden party idea is awesome because yay! Party! Also, it gives you a firm deadline to strive toward. Solid work, my friend. Solid 🙂

  2. Super planning into baby steps to eating the elephant!! VERY impressive dreaming and work. Fingers crossed it plays out well.
    Just saw bump pictures in prior message. My call is baby is positioned differently, this does change profile from one pregnancy to next. Second comment is it is common to provide more space earlier in subsequent efforts. SURELY it could not be diet/exercise…. Not in my case therefore not in yours. Hold the thought and happy good wishes!

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