Gratitude Work

Sorry for all the picture posts lately. I’ve been slammed with birthday celebration duties, on top of end-of-the-school-year responsibilities along with copyediting tasks and there is just not much time for posting. I wish I had more time to put stuff out there, but right now I just won’t. Probably next week.

In the meantime I’m focusing on gratitude. I saw my therapist today and we hashed out some of my current anxieties. She suggested I do some gratitude work every day, to help me focus on what I have. I agreed it would be a productive way to go, as I do feel so much overwhelming gratitude for my life right now. So I shall start today and just say that I am so incredibly grateful for my family. I am a truly fortunate woman.

Me, Isa and our mountain man

4 responses

  1. I for one am loving all of the picture posts! And I have to say that this one is my favorite so far. What a perfect picture of the three of you – such genuine joy on all of your faces.

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