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  1. You knew it! I was so hoping you were right!

    Oh, I am so excited for you! I laughed out loud seeing that photo! Boys are so fun…. And they love, Love, LOVE their mommies!

    Congrats! Is Isa excited?

  2. OH! Congratulations!! Isa is going to be the best big sister to her little brother ever!! I love the announcement…adorable. But that’s not hard to do with that gorgeous little girl

    Also, related, I’m jealous you know already. My u/s isn’t until the 13th…

    • My anatomy scan isn’t until next week but I broke down and paid $50 to get a gender reveal scan at a place. Silly but worth it. 😉

  3. Love it!! Congrats! (And yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be politically correct and claim that there aren’t any true gender/sex-specific innate differences, and that it’s just a child, etc., but really, I have loved parenting these two boys, and while I don’t have any girl parenting to compare it to, I am excited for you to get the chance to parent one of each. These boys are insane but so much fun!)

  4. Hooray, I KNEW it (just a feeling…though those “feelings” have been wrong once or twice before). I suspect parenting a boy is different than parenting a girl would be…in obvious and subtle ways. I am happy you get the chance at both!

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