Let’s DO Something

I’m the kind of mom who likes to DO things. I like to go out. I like to make plans, to explore, to take advantage of my many memberships. I like to get the hell out of the house.

I think of the weekend as four distinct quadrants: the two four-hour morning stretches and the two three-hour afternoon stretches (separated by the 1-3 hour nap). Of course both the morning and afternoon stretches are much longer than four or three hours, but that is about how much time actually has to be filled (or is available to be filled). Generally we GO SOMEWHERE in the mornings, be it the Zoo, the Discovery Museum, the Academy of Sciences, the park, or some other special event that is happening that day. In the afternoons we usually just go to the park, or hang out in the back yard. Once a week we watch a movie and while that usually happens on Friday afternoons, sometimes we postpone it until the weekend. That is how we spend our Saturdays and Sundays.

I love to go out and do stuff. One of the reasons I wanted to have kids was so I could revisit all the super fun places I enjoyed as a child. Three or four hours passes in a flash when we’re visiting somewhere. At home they drag at an insufferably slow pace. Also, Isa rarely naps if we don’t leave the house and do something, another impetus to at least take a walk around the blog before nap, or even bedtime.

{And it should be noted that 80% of the time I go do these things by myself, without Mi.Vida. We seem to gravitate toward solo-parenting situations, something we’re trying to remedy. The truth is it’s EASIER (for me at least) to be out with Isa by myself, making all the decisions on my own without having to confer with someone else. We’re making a concerted efforts to do at least one family outing a weekend and we’re getting better a co-parenting in those situations but it’s still a big challenge for us. I wonder if we’re the only ones who struggle a lot with that.}

I am a teacher and of course I get summers off. This summer we have to keep Isa in childcare and while we can drop her to three days a week (instead of five) for the month of July, she will still be at school the bulk of the time (of course I don’t have to keep her in every day and I doubt I will). While July leaves more opportunities to explore the city (and surrounding Bay Area), the summer will present mostly the same two day weekends with the same four quadrants of how-will-we-fill-this time.

My inherent NEED to go out and DO SOMETHING–and the fact that I really needed a distraction before the end of the school year–is why we are planning an impromptu trip to San Diego this long weekend. I’m going to take Friday off (Mi.Vida might do the same, or he’ll fly down after the work day) and we’ll drive down either Thursday night or (very early) Friday morning. We have friends in San Diego who have a “casita” behind their house where we can stay without being too much of an imposition. We also have other friends down there (with a new baby) to visit. I hope to hit up the San Diego Zoo or Sea World–though I know both are exorbitantly expensive–and of course we must visit the beach. I’m really excited to get away, to take a break from all the drudgery of the final weeks of school and the wait for my big anatomy scan in two weeks (which is starting to stress me out).

I will admit that Mi.Vida wasn’t all that thrilled with my idea to go to San Diego. In fact, the whole thing might have prompted a few choice disagreements discussions between us. In the end we reached a compromise and I just hope he has as good a time as I expect to have this long weekend.

Do you like to get out of the house or stay in?

Are you planning anything fun for the long weekend?

5 responses

  1. It’s gotten a lot better for us, but I do find family outings totally stressful. It was a lot more marked when we lived in Albania and I was home with the kids; weekends were almost kind of awful because my husband would be AROUND all the time, and as much as I disliked having him so absent during the work week, it was surprisingly difficult having to negotiate every decision instead of just making all the decisions myself. I’m more of a homebody but even I got stircrazy being home all the time with the kids.

  2. Both my husband and I work full-time year-round, so the only time we really have unaccounted for are the weekends, so we try to make them as much family-time as possible. My husband and I are fine to stay in or go out, but where we live there aren’t a lot of places that are free (the zoo and parks) that we can take Gus to when the weather isn’t cooperating.

    For the long weekend, we don’t have any big plans. We’re doing IUI’s tomorrow and Thursday or Rainbow #2, so I think we’ll try to have a relaxing weekend; maybe the library on Saturday. Monday our local Compassionate Friends has a Memorial Day Bench Ceremony. At the park outside the zoo there is a playground. Surrounding the playground are benches. On the benches are names of children that have passed away (no age restriction). In 2010 we added Oscar’s and Bella’s names and in 2011 we added Tittle’s name. This is now our Memorial Day tradition. To attend the ceremony, support those who are adding names, and remember those who’ve already been added.

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    On this whole post. I love going places with the kids. When they were little it was almost impossible (they ran in different directions all the time, and I was only one person) but now I can take them places by myself and it’s great. Frozen yogurt, farmer’s market, library, fabric store: they can all be exciting adventures. I love being a mom on the go 🙂

  4. I seriously cannot wait until Cheeks is big enough for me to start getting out and doing things with… So excited!! And have a blast in San Diego – one of my favorite places on earth!

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