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I think I’m going to have to resort to bullet points today because, well, it’s all I got in me.

* This is the first year we’re paying someone to do our taxes and I swear it’s taken me as long to get everything together as it usually takes me to do them myself on TurboTax. I’m sad to lose so much money paying someone to do them for us but I’m so relieved to know that they will be done correctly. Between my dependent care account, our new house, our tenant situation, who gets to claim Isa as a dependent and of course, not actually being married, the whole thing just felt way too¬†labyrinthine for me. It will be so good to know that we couldn’t fuck it all up attempting them ourselves.

* I think being in NYC (or just being away) affected my nausea in a really positive way because since I’ve been back it’s been BAD again. I threw up in my waste paper basket at work and felt sick through most of the day. Going back to work after a break is always difficult but doing so after such a fun, nausea-free (almost) trip, was brutal.

* 10 more weeks of school. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make it.

* Isa has been absolutely adorable since I’ve been back. When she first saw me she physically vibrated with excitement. She is truly the most incredible gift in my life and I’m so thankful to have her.

* I officially cannot fit in my regular pants. I pulled down my size-bigger options but I doubt they’ll last me very long. I also ordered a new Belly Band as I can’t find my old one anywhere I remember it being pretty stretched out after all the use last time. I hope between the bigger pants and Belly Band I can look somewhat presentable, while hiding this pregnancy, until at least 12 weeks. (I really don’t want to announce anything to my students before then.)

* I basically have to eat ALL THE TIME to keep the nausea and vomiting at bay. I don’t know how I’m going to avoid gaining 15 lbs before I even hit the first trimester. (See previous bullet point).

* Getting your eye brows waxed and nails done can do WONDERS for your self esteem, especially when you’re feeling extra chunky and frumpy. Seriously, SO worth the $30.

* I pulled out my cheapie old Doppler from my previous pregnancy and was shocked to find the baby’s heartbeat relatively quickly (laying down definitely helps). It was truly the most magical sound I’ve ever heard. I’m still reeling from all of this.

* I experience surprising blog-related weirdness on my trip. I can’t really talk much about it but I will offer this word of advice: Don’t give people you know the URL for your anonymous blog. (DUH!) No matter how much you trust them, if you don’t want anyone else reading it, don’t give it to ANYONE. If you do, you have to accept the (unforeseen) consequences.

* I’ve been wondering if writing about the less positive aspects of this pregnancy technically counts as complaining. If I write about gaining weight because of the constant nausea-induced eating is that complaining? I mean no one likes to gain a bunch of weight, or feel like they are going to puke, or actually puke. But if I’m just writing that it’s happening is that fair game? I honestly don’t know. I don’t want to complain about the sickness, or the related weight gain, and I don’t feel like I am, but maybe by simply mentioning it, I’m doing just that. It’s something I’ve been pondering.

* I’m heading to bed because it’s way to late for me to be awake. Sorry this was long, rambling and kind of whiny. I shall endeavor to do better next time.

7 responses

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling sick & tired. No, I don’t think mentioning it counts as “complaining”. You are stating a truth, and maybe an explanation for why you’ve been absent a bit. The eating-all-the-time to prevent puking was me both times around—I gained a TON TON TON of weight my first trimesters and got lectures every visit from the OB group. Once the nausea subsided, the eating slowed down as did the weight gain.
    YES on the brows/nails. I need to set myself up for that soon.

  2. I’ve noticed this too, on my two trips out of town I feel so much better than I do at home. I don’t know why. Hope the nausea lets up soon. I know I’ve gained at least 10 pounds in the 1st tri so far due to the constant eating to keep the nausea at bay. Oh, pregnancy!

    Glad all is well!

  3. We are planning on having someone do our taxes this year as well. Currently we can’t get to our computer and I can’t imagine we are going to have the time to do it either.

    I firmly believe that infertiles and fertiles have the right to complain or discuss their pregnancy symptoms on their blog. If people don’t like it then they don’t have to read. Sure people say that they want to be puking rather than not being pregnant, but puking still sucks.

  4. The US tax system sounds very complicated.

    I also believe that you have every right to complain (even though I don’t think you have been). I hate feeling nauseous – I don’t know how I would have dealt with full-blown vomiting nausea day after day. Actually, I do know. I would have hated it, and complained. Feel free to complain, and don’t feel guilty about it! (And coming from a no kids blogger, I pretty much my view on this rules!)

  5. Your trip to NYC (and a break from the nausea) sounds lovely!
    We’re with you on the taxes issue. We tried doing them ourselves and got completely overwhelmed trying to figure out who should claim what and who gets the child dependent tax credit, etc. We also ended up finding someone to do them for us and it’s a relief to not have to try to figure it all out. Once there’s a house and a kid involved it seems like it gets tricky to figure it all out if one isn’t married (or can’t get legally married).

  6. It’s not complaining. I’m an infertile that’s scared to get pregnant again because I put so much weight on. Yes I just said that! Probably best to get an accountant – they really do know their stuff. Speaking as an accountant!

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